Good on the LA Galaxy fans getting into Beckham some of these players over here only make about$50,000 a season and supplement there wages in the off season.MLS have wage caps and are only allowed one or two big name players.So Beckham going out on loan dented the LA Galaxys chances of success.

Football or Soccer is better over here it is a much fairer way of doing things as money and big business do not control things as much,and the American players aren’t spoiled prima donnas,MLS soccer is something the Americans have got right.

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9 Comments on “Hooligan”

  1. stevie Says:

    total respect to the Galaxy fans.

    Beckham shouldn’t show his face there again.

  2. Mark Says:

    Maybe if soccer was unregulated and more money was allowed to be pumped in, it would be a more popular sport in america? I mean look at the money the baseball and american football players get!

  3. bingabinga Says:

    No Mark I would rather it stayed the same.The games are all on TV and there is nothing stopping Americans getting into it.You can tell by how well the US team does these days that football is thriving over here.
    More people play organised football here than most places.
    The money will probably go up here for players at some point.
    Fuck that Mark,it puts me off sports known how much these fools make,Thats why soccer here is a breath of fresh air.

  4. Mark Says:

    I`d want mare than $50,000 a season knowing my career would come to an end in my mid thirties (earlier if injured), and also by that age I`d probably need two hip joint replacements! Nae NHS tae cover the costs!!! I`d maybe consider fifty grand a month. It doesnae bother me wayne rooney having as much money as the queen. He deserves it, they royalty bastards don`t!!

  5. stevie Says:

    Dunno about that Mark. Just thinking of what the inside of Wayne Rooney’s hoose looks like fills me with fear and dread.

    He’s probably got a store room marked ‘jelly cola bottles and fried eggs.’

  6. Louise Says:

    Mark, you talk shite. Love your wife xx

  7. Mark Says:

    LOL any millionaire footballer who serves pizza as the main meal at his wedding has got tae be in touch with reality, store room or not! None of that golden throne shite like posh and becks.

    Anyway I think you are right about too much money in the game Peter, just wanted tae encourage a bit of healthy debate. Seems they are above the law as well though, thats gerrard got off lightly for giving some guy a smack!!!

  8. stevie Says:

    Gerrard, who is approximately 15, called the guy, aged 34, ‘lad.’


  9. bingabinga Says:

    No bad results for Celtic in their preseason.Big game on Wednesday any of you going?
    Mark the game over here has a more amateur feel to it although Seattle sounders are getting sold out crowds of 32,500 every week and could probably beat every team in Scotland bar the Old Firm.
    They aren’t a bad team to watch and are great going forward.
    I like the way the players aren’t full of themselves they also got into a sport over here that pays nothing compared to other American sports.So you know they are just into the fitba its not all about the money.
    Hopefully President Obama can push through a better healthcare policy so they won’t have to worry about medical bills.

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