4 years


It has been 4yrs since I had a drink.I can’t really believe it myself. I will mark the anniversary of my sobriety in my usual way,which is with some fine food I will be making ribs on the BBQ and will be having some decent cake to follow.

I don’t want to preach about the perils of alcohol or anything but I am glad I am off it.Although I do still get the urge to go on a bender every now and again,but whits the point it would just be another guilt fueled hangover.

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8 Comments on “4 years”

  1. godfrey mcclutchie Says:

    rubbish photie. For a guy who’s downed all those drinks he looks strangely sober.

  2. Bingabinga Says:

    I think he looks like he’s going to top himself,which would be good,save the NHS some cash.

  3. Mark Says:

    Thats us back fae Disneyland Paris. Great time although if I never have to stand in a queue for the rest of my life, it will still be too soon!!

  4. Louise Says:

    Well done, Peter. 4 years eh? Bet the folks in the skyne would be shocked if they could see you now. Drink really is a curse. I suffer from terrible hangovers if I over do it. I am sick for whole days at a time, I do wish I could chuck it altogether. I tend mainly to drink like a greedy pig on a Friday night and it just ruins my saturday. Disneyland was good but a bit too elitist for my liking. You wouldn’t get a family from Castlemilk stayin there, made me feel quite guilty just thinkin bout it. The place and the people oozed money. Kids enjoyed it and it was a good experience but I’m not taking them back, don’t want them thinkin life is like that. How is Sarah? Not long now!!!

  5. Louise Says:

    Just wanted to add that I am reading a novel by Dave Boling called Guernica. I’m really enjoying it, although it is fiction it is based on the events of the bombing of Guernica by the Luftwaffe. I looked this guy Boling up on internet, it’s his first novel, and I discovered that he’s a sports journalist who lives in Seattle. Have you heard of him? It’s a good book.

  6. bingabinga Says:

    How you doing Louise and Mark glad you enjoyed the holiday,Probably wasn’t much of a holiday for you two but it has to be done to get it out the kids system.
    Next time get yerselfs down to Butlins in Ayr much cheaper and not as many spoiled kids.
    Louise I haven’t heard of that author but I will look it up.
    We had our baby shower on Saturday it went well,the cot is up and we have a lot of things,thanks for the present we got it Friday.

    As for the drinking I am glad I have stopped it.Screaming babies and Screaming hangovers don’t go well together.

  7. fiona Says:

    Hi Peter, how’s tricks. Have just come out of a 3 week internet blackout. BT Total Broadband – load a bollocks!!!!!!

    I stopped drinking 2 years ago after getting so drunk I blacked out. I’ve only had an occasional glass of wedding champagne and Christmas mulled wine since then and have absolutely no notion to EVER get drunk again. You’re right that kids+hangover is a very bad idea.

    Talking of which, how’s Sarah? Not long to go now, eh. My sister-in-law is 15 weeks now and she’s going for a gender scan next week so we’ll find out what flavour she’s having, LOL! Are you all organised? Och, you’re never really 100% prepared the first time. I remember my hospital bag with David – I’d packed so much stuff the nurses burst out laughing when I was admitted – it looked like I was going away for a week. I was so para in case I needed something and didn’t have it (I am a control freak) and then I ended up wanting a bottle of water and that was the one thing I’d not thought to take. Grrrr!

    I’m up the now (it’s 5.46am here) cos Steve is snoring and I’ve got a recording of ‘River Cottage Christmas’ on TV. Canny wait till the dark nights come in again.

  8. bingabinga Says:

    Hi Fiona,Aye I am glad I gave up the party life long before our baby will be born,I don’t think I could hold it together if I was up to the same stuff now as I was 4yrs ago.
    Sarah is doing well thanks she stops work today and the baby is due in 3weeks.She has been great throughout her pregnancy except for the first 3 months.We still don’t know what we are having,I said last night I think it will be a girl and weigh 7.5ibs thats my guess.A healthy baby will suffice though.
    We have got everything in place I think we are prepared.
    My sister got me that River Cottage DVD for Christmas its good,
    Good to hear from ye.

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