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The hottest day ever

July 30, 2009

Yes yesterdy was the hottest day in Seattles history it reached 103 degrees.I was unfortunately working a 12hr shift in an old hospital building with dodgy air conditioning.As you can imagine fellow Scots it is no fun.I think I have managed to sleep about 10hrs over the last 3 nights.At least I am off today.The summer here has beeen so hot,  today its to be  99 degrees its murder and Seattle isn’t like most American cities as there is no air conditioning in the houses .

So if its raining over in Scotland just now think yourselves lucky I would love it to rain just now.In fact if it rained I would be outside dancing in it.

So here’s hoping it cools down before I lose the plot.


The Jam

July 28, 2009


I am reading this book just now its about  the author growing up in Leeds in the 80’s and being a fan of The Jam and Paul Weller.He takes his fan status very seriously and he wears all the clothes and writes poems and letters to them.It’s a funny book about growing up in 80s Britain and the youth fashions and music.

I could relate to alot of the things as I also liked The Jam and wore a  lot of the clothes the author wore in the early eighties ie Fred perrys,Harrington Jackets,Stapress,wegen shoes,Desert boots,pilot Jackets,Doc Martens etc,and between me and my brother we had most of the Jam and Style Council records.In fact my brother went to dee the Style council at the last show ever at the Apollo in Glasgow.Its a funny book and it takes you back to teenage angst 80s style.

So since it is 90 degrees outside in Sunny Shoreline,Washington state and I am hiding indoors,like every milk bottle Scotsman should on a day like this.I am going to pick a favourite song from every Jam album and post it on the blog.Why you ask.Because I can and Sarah is at work and I am arsing around rather than put the new stroller together awright,procrastination is a favourite past time of mine.

So here we go!

The first song I have chosen is Art School from their first album In The City everybody thought they were punks with this album back then but we all new they were Mods even then.I always remember my brother swapped a double Status Quo album for a rare Double album of The Jams first two albums In The City and This Is A Modern World with Jackie Conlon our neighbour in Erskine.

This next song is from Modern World.This was a great album and was much smoother and Mod like than In The City.I found it hard to pick one song from this  but I remember listening to this one Life from A Window many times in housing Scheme Scotland.I still like it a lot.

The next Jam album to come out was All Mod Cons and with lyrics like,I first felt a kick and then a punch,I could now smell their breaths,It smelled of pubs and wormwood scrubs and to many right wing meetings it was a classic,especially the song those lyrics come from,Down In The Tube Station at Midnight.

The next album was Setting Sons and probably the most popular track on this was Eton rifles but I liked this one best it reminds me of running about Erskine with my mates.Great song.

This was hard to pick from I was between three great Jam Songs on this album,Sound Affects but this song Man in the Cornershop Won.I like the lyrics Paul Weller,he was always a hero to us Young Socialists in the dark days of Thatchers Britain.

The last Jam album in 1982 was The Gift this was one of my favourites from The Jam,Ghosts

Heres another great one, Running on the spot Live

The last Jam album I got was a live album called Dig the New Breed it was a live compilation and it came out just before the Jam split up so here is one from that.Paul Weller went on to the Style Council and the other two got parts on Eastenders or something.Here is my last Jam song Thats Entertainment a fucking Classic,and when my Kid is listening to Hannah Montana or the Jonas brothers I’ll be like that,get this on yer Ipod wee man this is whit yer Da listened to when he was your age.

Well I hoped you enjoyed that it killed a couple of hours  I better go and get some stuff done before Sarah gets in its still roasting ootside see ye’s later.



July 25, 2009

Good on the LA Galaxy fans getting into Beckham some of these players over here only make about$50,000 a season and supplement there wages in the off season.MLS have wage caps and are only allowed one or two big name players.So Beckham going out on loan dented the LA Galaxys chances of success.

Football or Soccer is better over here it is a much fairer way of doing things as money and big business do not control things as much,and the American players aren’t spoiled prima donnas,MLS soccer is something the Americans have got right.

Our Fathers

July 22, 2009

I read this book recently,It is pretty dark but worth reading especially if you are from The West Coast of Scotland.It is set around Glasgow and Ayrshire.

In a way it is a study of the Scottish psyche.Andrew O’ Hagan writes very well and captures the frustrations and angst and maybe even the brutality of growing up in Working Class Scotland.I could relate to this book in many ways

It got me thinking about growing up in Scotland and how it can at times be in the Scottish mentality to put ourselves and each other down,We as Scots are guilty of a big inferiority complex mixed in with a large dose of defeatism,maybe this is the reason for the amount of Alcoholism and substance abuse that we all think is a Scottish tradition.I think  the book shows  that this mentality is passed down from Father to Son.

I am not saying this as a criticism of my fellow Scots as I like my fellow country men and woman and I have these character traits myself.

Why are we like this? I think the fact that we are not our own country has a lot to do with the Scottish attitude to life ie the defeatism,the negativity.Years of being under the yoke of England has  left its mark on our character.If we got our independence I think there would be a definite change for the better in the Scottish mentality and a period of renaissance within Scotland itself.

I know that not everyone in Scotland would agree with these sentiments,but now that I have moved away from Scotland and I have had time to reflect on what it means to be Scottish,it has cemented my thinking that Scotland should be its own nation,we have a  history of independence and we have enough smart people within Scotland to make it work.Don’t believe the lies of Westminster and the dirty tricks they will put in place to stop independence from happening.

If smaller less populated countries can stand on their own two feet then I am sure we can,even if it is only to get our pride back and give us all an attitude adjustment.

Anyway enough of the call for a free independent Scotland,in other news I went to see Seattle Sounders get beat by the Chelski on Saturday it was pretty good 65,000 were there.I can never get excited about friendlies it is only an exercise in moneymaking for already over rich clubs like Chelski.

The only reason I went is because my mate Ed has always been a Chelsea fan and grew up near Stamford Bridge.

See ye later.


July 13, 2009


I started a wee vegetable garden yesterday,I planted radish,turnip carrots,lettuce etc.I will see how I get on hopefully by the autumn we will have some of natures bounty,Oh Ar.

4 years

July 7, 2009


It has been 4yrs since I had a drink.I can’t really believe it myself. I will mark the anniversary of my sobriety in my usual way,which is with some fine food I will be making ribs on the BBQ and will be having some decent cake to follow.

I don’t want to preach about the perils of alcohol or anything but I am glad I am off it.Although I do still get the urge to go on a bender every now and again,but whits the point it would just be another guilt fueled hangover.

Happy 4th of July

July 3, 2009

Aye maybe we will be independent fae they English bastards to some day.


English Bastards Hahahahaha