Pizza and a Film

Don't mess with the Clint

Don't mess with the Clint

Pizza and a movie last night.I finally got to see this,I missed it when it was at the cinema.It was a good movie,some good dialogue going on between the characters,Clint plays a blinder as a 75yr old vigilante.I thoroughly recommend this Movie.

The Pizza was good to and I had some marvelous strawberry shortcake to follow.


Bloody Marvelous

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30 Comments on “Pizza and a Film”

  1. stevie Says:

    brilliant film, magic score as well

  2. bingabinga Says:

    Aye Stevie,I enjoyed it.

  3. Mark Says:

    You off the south beach diet then?

  4. stevie Says:

    was wondering that masel…

  5. bingabinga Says:

    I have decided to stay fat and happy.
    The South Beach Diet was a bit strict so I have devised my own diet plan.
    I only eat one cake a day and no greasy breakfasts at work.

  6. Mark Says:

    I`m a happy 16 stone . Just keep your blood pressure and cholesterol levels in check and don`t smoke; you will be fine! Thats what I keep tellin myself anyway.

  7. bingabinga Says:

    Mark I am lets say over 16stone if I can get down to that that would be fine.My height hides a lot but I have to buy new troosers every year.

  8. Louise Says:

    You and that Mark Nicol are kiddin yersels on. Get out walkin and cycling and stop eating cakes. Get the weight aff or both of u will be headin for a heart attack!!!!

  9. fiona Says:

    I’ve never pictured you as being big. My image of you is sort of a cross between Andrew McCarthy and Richard E Grant. With glasses.

    Which celeb do you most resemble? That way I can kind of visualise you. I’ve been told I look a bit like Molly Ringwald (hell, no!) or Billie Piper (eyebroos on ye!) (Mair like Billie Pipers maw, hahaha).

  10. Heather Mills Says:

    I most resemble Gregory Peck in the film Moby Dick!

  11. bingabinga Says:

    I probably look more like Martin Clunes!or Robbie Coltrane! Fiona.I am 6ft3 so even though I am a bit heavier since I left Scotland I can get away with it a bit.I don’t wear glasses though ,and I have a full head of hair so at at least I can’t be called a fat baldy bastard.
    Molly Ringwald was good in Breakfast Club.

    Louise I am eating my oatmeal cereal everday to keep my cholesterol down.

  12. fiona Says:

    I met Robbie Coltrane years ago.

    I worked in a fancy shop in Buchanan Street and he came in one day looking for shoes (which was odd since it was a lingerie shop…….haha, only kidding).

    Anyway, he had the biggest feet I’ve ever seen and after bringing him about 6 pairs to try I realised we were onto plums so I brought out a couple of shoe boxes for a laugh and I said to him ‘I’m afraid these are the only things here that are going to fit you!’ Next thing he’s got the boxes on his feet and he’s skating up and down the carpet – very surreal. He was a lovely man, very courteous and friendly.

    Do you get your cholesterol checked regularly? Steve had his done a while back and it was 4.8 which the doc said was good. Fucked if I know why it was so low, he’s a chip-a-holic!

  13. bingabinga Says:

    I am glad Robbie Coltrane was a good guy in real life Fiona,as I have always liked him I am watching him in some old Comic strip presents episodes that I have on DVD,he was always very funny.
    I met Billy Connolly in Rothesay,he was also a good guy.

    My cholesterol is alright,the last time I had it checked but who knows.Unfortunately I think I have hit the middle age spread.

  14. yellowmagicobstacle Says:

    Whit did you have oan yer pizza?

  15. bingabinga Says:

    I had pepperoni.mushroopms and onions,They say you can tell a lot from a persons pizza topping choices.
    Whit dae you like?

  16. yellowmagicobstacle Says:

    if its a quality pizza then just cheese n tomato. If its a shite dominos/pizza hut then it can vary, al tell you whit a like though is sweetcorn oan a pizza and nane a they fuckers do it. Its only the Glasgow kebab seller pizza maker type places that do it but a chicken n sweetcorn pizza oot a some of they places used to be good, mind you, this is a 3 in the morn snack.

    so you used to be dj spazz and not dj sprinkler?? I heard you used to be dj sprinkler and that you were getting a wax dummy made up for madame Tussauds??? any truth in the version of you in madame Tussauds I would pay good money to take the wanes doon to that London to see a wax version of you.

  17. bingabinga Says:

    I knew you were going to say sweetcorn I don’t know why I knew this,It is definetly a Glasgow favourite the old sweetcorn I think I had a tuna and sweetcorn a few times.There is pizza shop here called Pagliacci it is great the best pizza but its a bit pricey.
    Well I wasn’t a DJ but if I was a would call myself DJ Spazz.I don’t know about this wax dummy stuff.
    Maybe its a wax dummy of DJ Denis of Rashielee disco fame.

  18. Dennis Says:

    Ah used tae huv tae tell you aw the time freckle face to get aff the deg. You wouldnae take a telling tho. You and they wee diddys fae bargarran school or wherever it wiz.

  19. bingabinga Says:

    St John Bosco Dennis.
    Iremember you telling us to get aff the deg.
    Are you still daeing the gardening

  20. yellowmagicobstacle Says:

    Dennis, did you know bingabingo as dj sprinkler. he says hes dj spazz but im sure he was the sprinkler!

  21. Dennis Says:

    Ah remember him an aw they other wee diddys, you included, for bein oan the deg aw the time wi yer dirty trainers. Rikki Dawar wisnae impressed.

  22. yellowmagicobstacle Says:

    bingo i think you should ban dennis!!!!!!!!!!!! hes talkin in the past n present at the same time……… that they bad glesga drugs they take????????????

  23. bingabinga Says:

    Thats you banned for a fortnight disco Dennis

  24. yellowmagicobstacle Says:

    bingo. heres a wee happy song and video for you. Do you know of them????

  25. yellowmagicobstacle Says:

    number 4 of top 5 of the YMO daisy dukebox at the mo…

  26. yellowmagicobstacle Says:


  27. yellowmagicobstacle Says:


  28. yellowmagicobstacle Says:

    et finis……and obviously no particular order is given to any tracks obviously.

  29. yellowmagicobstacle Says:

    sri bingo. late entry. m ward!

    n what a really good unofficial video for this amazing song.

  30. bingabinga Says:

    I enjoyed those songs althpugh they were a bit slow and dreamlike,I like songs that pack a punch,like Survivor eye of the tiger or this one,Which I seriously like.

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