Michael Jackson Deed!!

Who Cares?

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21 Comments on “Michael Jackson Deed!!”

  1. stevie Says:


    I’d give it a 7 out of 10 in the ‘caring’ scale.

    RIP my favourite weirdo.

    (and I suspect all the muppets who forked out cash for his concerts care as well)

  2. stevie Says:

    actually, 6 and a half.

    Apparently Tommy Sheridan is daein a eulogy.

  3. Mark Says:

    Fuck Disneyland. I wanna go to Neverland, the new Graceland!

  4. bingabinga Says:

    I don’t care at all I didn’t dislike him or wish him any harm but I really don’t care,I was never a big fan.
    Now if it was Paul McCartney then it would be a different story.

    Mark I will go to Graceland sometime,Neverland would be good with the rides and stuff.

  5. godfrey mcclutchie Says:

    Jackson’s demise can be traced back to when he teamed up with McCartney on ‘ebony and ivory’. In fact society’s demise can be traced back to that day, that song turned a lot of good people racist.

    ebony and ivory can be best pals on a piano, so why not in real life?


    Slavery, Paul. It’s because of centuries of enslaving and pillaging that’s caused widespread poverty, incalculable resentment, and mistrust.
    Binga, let’s agree to disagree aboot him.

    As for MJ, a lesson to us there- don’t go spending yir hard-earned cash on oxygen tents, they won’t prolong yir life any.

    Although I’m betting being best mates with a chimp probably gave him a few extra years.

  6. Louise Says:

    I liked him when he was a wee boy singin wi the Jackson 5. He looked normal then. Was never a big fan of his solo music, even thriller didnt do much for me. He’s no a bad dancer but I’m no intae aw that dancin aboot stuff.

  7. bingabinga Says:

    Godfrey my friend I would like to thank you for your well constructed comment,but it was Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney who teamed up for Ebony and Ivory.
    Paul McCartney was good at Mull of Kintyre though.
    Godfrey I just realised you are getting mixed up with Say say say which was a duet by MJ and PmcC

    Louise I agree I was more into that to.By the time Thriller was out I was into U2 and The Jam.Michael Jackson was more for the Lassies in Park mains high school circa 1983.

  8. godfrey mcclutchie Says:

    You’re wrong I tell you.

  9. stevie Says:

    ha ha check yir facts ya fanny

  10. bingabinga Says:

    Godfrey as Stevie says check yer facts.
    Stevie Wonder Ebony and Ivory

    Micheal Jackson RIP Say Say Say

  11. Skoosh Says:

    2 words on MJ – Billie Jean!
    Stevie, never got your message about ‘auld reekie’ until i came back from there, so apologies mate.
    Peter, when are you joining club now? i’ll have to phone upon my return down under.
    Louise, hope you backed my horse at 20/1 recently
    Take care y’all

  12. bingabinga Says:

    Awright Scott Sarah is due on the 20th August.I hope you are having a good time back home.I will give you a phone when you are back in OZ.
    I saw a documentary about MJ last night it did make me a bit sad/nostalgic I suppose he was probably the biggest Star of our generation,well except for maybe John the Haun back in the Central Park days.

  13. Skoosh Says:

    Yes, remember the Haun well. Also remember the time that Derek Cameron was looking for some blaw and he was looking around the Central Park and picked out the Haun with his long hair as the most likely to provide. Nearly as funny as Wattie saying ‘sit down here darling’ to Stevie when his back was facing.

  14. stevie Says:

    Aye, I remember that.

    I remember when men used to fancy me fae the back

    I remember when wummin used to fancy me fae the front as well

  15. bingabinga Says:

    I liked yer long hair to Stevie I was always a bit jealous of it.

  16. godfrey mcclutchie Says:

    It has been brought to my attention that my name is being used by a poster on this site.

    Let me assure you this action is illegal and the person will be brought to task in a court if he/she continues to claim he/she is myself.

    Faithfull yours etc etc

    Godfrey McClutchie

  17. bingabinga Says:

    Good luck with that Godfrey.

  18. godfrey mcclutchie Says:

    It’s God to you.

  19. bingabinga Says:

    Who are you anyway?

  20. godfrey mcclutchie Says:

    Godfrey McClutchie

  21. bingabinga Says:

    Tell us a bit about yourself Godfrey.

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