Not actual Toyota Camry

Not actual Toyota Camry

A bit of embarrassing drama happened to me and Sarah last night.You know when you see a car getting pushed along a busy road by random passerby’s and the traffics held up and you think how embarrassing for those people.Well last night we were those people.

We had just dropped a mate off after work and while driving we noticed a rattling sound.So just as we stopped at a busy intersection of my favourite highway,highway 99, and as we discussed how we had to take it for a service first thing in the morning,the car just stopped dead.

There was probably about 10 cars behind us hooting their horns but there was nothing we could do.So I got out and lifted the cars hood and they soon got the message and drove around us.Then some decent citizens came out of  a Starbucks,one big guy and two wee Korean men whose family stood and cheered as they pushed us into the Starbucks carpark.

I think they felt sorry for us as Sarah is looking very pregnant these days.Once we were in the carpark all this red oil started pouring out the car.

We called AAA who got our car towed to a garage and we got a taxi home.At least we are members so it was all covered by them.

Anyway the garage called today said it was the timing belt and all the repairs would cost $2000 Ouch!!. I was thinking of scrapping it but I suppose getting my 1993 Camry fixed up for $2000 is cheaper than buying a new one for $20,000.

So it lives to fight another day,it only has 105,000 miles on it so once its fixed it should be good for another few years.Anyway I am quite attached to my Camry and I paid nothing for it,It was my Mother In Laws but she got a new Prius a few years a go and gave me the Camry.

Just thought I’d share my bit of drama,and thanks to the people who helped push us.

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2 Comments on “Breakdown”

  1. Louise Says:

    It is a nightmere when your car breaks down. I was on my way back from a meeting in Inveraray in February and my car just lost power at 70mph. It was the fuel pump. I was in a deserted area, it had been snowing (although roads were clear) and it was getting dark. Thankfully I was on a stretch of road where I could get a phone signal and I called the AA. They drove me home and left car in a lay by to be collected by a Rothesay mechanic the next day. Repairs only cos £100, sorry to hear yours are much more. Hope Sarah is well, not long to go now. Louise xx

  2. bingabinga Says:

    Well Louise that’s the car fixed for a nightmare sum of $2350.I will go and pick it up this afternoon.You were lucky you could get a phone signal up there.
    Sarah is doing fine.I hope you have a nice holiday at Eurodisney.

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