Let the people speak

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2 Comments on “Let the people speak”

  1. Louise Says:

    Well that’s Tony Mowbray been made Celtic manager. I warmed to him when I saw the press conference. He seems a much more serious and earnest character than Strachan. I sincerely hope he is a success cos he’s a nice man and very human as well as a manager. I still think it’s a risk paying £2 million for him when we cuda got curbishley or levein for far less and they’d be just as much of a risk. But he’s our manager now so good luck Tony I hope you’re a roaring success.

  2. bingabinga Says:

    I agree Louise I always remember his fiance dying when he was at Celtic ,I felt really sorry for the guy.I think he will be good,but I hope his attacking style of play is a bit more imaginative than Strachans.
    Well I will be keeping my $10 a month subsricption to channel67.
    Just to let the guy know that I am 100% behind him.

    Oh and how do the Rangers fans feel about a backroom staff off Granty and Lennon?

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