Glesga Godfather

No a bad read

No a bad read

Just finished this book about Walter Norval the Glasgow Godfather it’s not a bad read,I quite like reading books about Glasgow crime I don’t buy them my Ma gets them at jumble sales and stuff and mails them to me.You should go and steal these books from WH smith or John Menzies if you want to read them.I wouldn’t buy them.I think the authors would want you to do that.

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4 Comments on “Glesga Godfather”

  1. Louise Says:

    Peter where are the photos of the Seattle Sounders game? I’m getting fed up waiting on Celtic getting a new manager. How are things with you?

  2. bingabinga Says:

    Louise I forgot my camera I have a ticket to see them play Chelsea in a friendly.
    I am fine I am in the middle of Finishing doors at the moment I am becoming a bit of a handyman these days,Mr Purdue would be proud.
    Anyway back to work talk to ye soon.
    PS I don’t really want Mowbray as manager.

  3. stevie Says:

    I’m happy with our new manager, and with Granty back.

  4. Mark Says:

    I agree Peter, don`t think Mowbray is a good idea. Roughly £2.5 million to get him and his staff, and thats before a ball is kicked! With the current situation with setanta not paying up and about to go under, I think its a blunder. Thats a lot of cash. The money would have been better spent on players. Is he any better than Craig levein, who the club could have got for far less? Lets not forget he had a fair amount to spend on players when in the premiership, and will only get a fraction of that up here. Its the old ex-player or irish connection precondition coming back to haunt them, any other manager is automatically in second place. If it wasn`t Mowbray then it would have been McGhee, I suppose!

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