944,138 British voters want this man to lead the country

Very sad I think its time Scotland went on its own.I think the further we distance ourselves from the Right Wing English the better.The sad thing is new Labour has destroyed any viable socialist movement to counteract these nazis.Your thoughts my leftist friends.

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28 Comments on “944,138 British voters want this man to lead the country”

  1. Mark Says:

    There was a poll done and most BNP voters are disillutioned labour supporters who buy The Sun (i.e. thick). Their share of the vote had actually gone down since the last euro elections, the reason they got 2 MEPs was because the labour vote plummeted! I looked at the regional election results and couldn`t fucking believe the amount of votes they got, especially in comparison to left wing parties (new labour excluded for obvious reasons).

    Voted for the SSP but that is a waste of time. The green party got about 80,000 votes and the SSP just over 10,000 in scotland. The SSP are finished thanks to oor Tommy. Its the SNP from noo on laddie!

    Going back to the BNP. A racist policy is the only thing they go on about. Once worked with a care assistant who would never buy anything to eat out an Asian`s shop. Said that even a tin of soup when opened smelled of Paki`s, and made her feel sick! What can you say tae that?

    LOL, just watchin the news. Nick Griffin had turned up outside parliament for a press conference; he got jumped and pelted with eggs by a bunch of protestors! Fuckin great!!!!

  2. bingabinga Says:

    I know they will never get any real power Mark,but it is very disappointing that so many people made the effort to go out and vote for them.It is saying that 1 million of the British electorate have extreme racist views.
    I think the time is right for a real push towards Scottish independence if I was back in Scotland I think I would be joining the SNP.
    As for the SSP I feel sorry for the decent people who work hard in the party they have been badly let down by Sheridan the egotist.

    As for the woman you work with she is missing oot in some great Indian food.Obviously a sad unhappy cow who likes to blame others for her miserable existence,just like most BNP supporters.
    I hope you told her to go fuck herself.

    I saw Nick Griffen getting egged hhahahah serves the thug right.

  3. Gregg Says:

    I too was astounded that they got so many votes. I suspect most people that vote for them don’t have a complete understand as to what their actual stance is on many things. Now since I didn’t really know myself, I decided to take a look at their wikipedia page and some of the stuff they stand for is just draconian.

    The problem is though, that people will vote for them on the premise that they will toughen up immigration, regardless of the fact that their policies go way further than this. I think this means that unless the other major parties are more stringent about immigration and the free money given out, then they will become a popular dissenter vote. As much as we say they will never become a real power look how close Jean-Marie La Pen came in France to getting in. It can happen and it’s frightening.

    My impression is that if the other parties can be seen to be doing something tough, but positive, about crime, the lazy, and immigration, then parties like the BNP will die a slow lonely death. The above are the things that most folk care about; I imagine most people could care not a shit about most of the other stuff in politics. That said, I never vote, I don’t care enough about the main parties over one another that it would make it worthwhile.

  4. bingabinga Says:

    Gregg I feel that people move towards the extremes when times get a bit tough but to me they are moving towards a very dangerous party.I think the Labour party have let the British People down and is nothing like the Labour Party my family supported and was active in in the seventies and eighties.
    I can understand people being disgruntled but a vote for the BNP is a vote for fascism.
    I am sad to say that the only way the Scottish people will get a government that suits them is going independent Scotland is traditionally left of centre and no party in Westminster is Left of centre.I was never a big advocate of independence but now I fully support it.
    I am not sure about getting tough on immigration though when I was in Scotland last the only immigrants I saw were Poles and they all seemed pretty cool.It is the lazy fucking ned British I would be getting into.
    Anyway good to hear from you Gregg,hows things?

  5. Gregg Says:

    Aye Peter doing good. Canny complain. Waiting to hear Lamont’s shite next week when he returns home for his 5 week holiday.

    I’m not sure about the whole independence thing. I used to be a big supporter of it, now I just don’t see the point. All Scotland having independence will mean is that we are controlled by Brussels rather than Westminster. At least Westminster is closer to home. Scotland’s main income and “skillset” has become financial services and now that has went tits-up, I’m not sure where we stand regarding what it is that we offer the world. We don’t want to be another Ireland who were first to sink when all this credit crunch pish started.

    At one time we (the Scots) were far more creative but we lack a startup culture that exists in the US to make this happen now – we ain’t gonna get there either because our universities are no longer the cream of the crop. I just don’t think we have the mentality here for it any more.

    As for immigrants. We’ll you do see a lot more. I have no real problem with people coming over here as long as they are willing to work and we are short of people to do the jobs. We should not be offering up free money – because it’s not free, we are paying. Tightening all this up would just mean that people don’t have the need to vote fuckwits like the BNP. If there was any doubt about the need to toughen things up, it’s the fact that 1 million people voted for the BNP – why would people be voting for these morons otherwise?

  6. stevie Says:

    Remember 27,000 Scots voted for them as well..

  7. Mark Says:

    Aye, and you don`t need to tell us which fitbaw team they support! Thought it would be more like 52,082. Swine flu must be bad there right enough!

  8. Mark Says:

    Check this out. Nicks beginning tae suffer from a severe bout of paranoia?

  9. stevie Says:

    Hi Gregg, how’s things. Not sure what you mean about free money’, to be honest. If you’re referring to EU nationals, they, by and large, of course, work in the menial jobs that the British are unwiling to take on, and even in doing so they pay a higher tax rate than the British nationals.

    If you’re talking about asylum seekers, I’m pretty sure that, with many of them being doctors, lawyers…as well as having families, they’d much rather be contributing to society than sitting up an east end tower block with nazis and neds on 38 quid a week. But it’s not their choice.
    Fact is, it’s not about being ‘big’ or ‘generous’ enough to give these desperate people our consent, it’s about accepting the fact that it’s us who actually owe them something since we- aye, we-shafted them.

    It’s Britain who supports most of the dictatorships who they flee from.
    It’s our lifestyle that has caused the planet to wreak havoc on their lands.
    It’s Britain who backs the WTO policies which flood third world markets with western produce and preventing local economies to grow.

    Tough on immigtration?


    Tough on greed.

    Fuck the BNP

    Fuck the British mass media

    Fuck Noel Edmonds

  10. bingabinga Says:

    Well said Stevie good points raised. I feel immigration is the test of a nations people and their feelings towards humanity in general and the UK fails miserably.Who cares about letting fellow human beings into our country.People who are anti immigration and who make a big deal about it are xenophobic saddos.
    Not saying you are Gregg by the way,I get more annoyed about the money that is flung at neds and wasters.

    The point you made Stevie about us shafting them in the first place is very true.

    Mark I am in work so I only saw the first minute of the nazi on sky.Happy Birthday mate.Aye the Gers fans are lets say a wee bit more British Bulldog than most up in Scotland.

  11. bingabinga Says:

    Happy Birthday Mark!!

  12. Mark Says:

    Thank you. Havin a birthday fish tea at Harry Ramsdens way the family, and then on tae the cinema tae catch the new Star Trek movie. Canny wait!

  13. Gregg Says:

    Alright Steve, I’m doing good. Yurself?

    By free money I mean money that is given to anyone who sits around doing nothing and contributing nothing. Whether this be neds, wasters, immigrants, etc it’s not my issue – I have some that live right next door. These people exist, and they phone benefit lines every day demanding money when they have neither worked nor ever plan to. We should all be thankful that the state supports us when in times of hardship and I think there are many that simply don’t, they just take take take. Basically I get annoyed at the money that is flung at anyone irrespective of who they are when they don’t plan to contribute – society can only be bettered if those who are able to contribute do so. We should be investing money in small businesses, research institutions, saving trees (instead of cutting them down), and buying large instruments to shove up bankers asses to get that money back.

    As for being tough on immigration I think saying “no” is a little easy. Do you guys think it is ok for people to come into a country just for the hand out? I see being tough on immigration as preventing individuals like that entering, as we already have enough of them here of our own.

  14. bingabinga Says:

    Gregg I agree with all your above points,I don’t think that the immigration issue was ever a problem in Scotland.I do think that if someone can contribute to society they should be allowed in. Also if a person is under threat in their own country they should be given political asylum.
    Once they are in the country they should be expected to act responsible and contribute to the country.I am an immigrant now myself and I have to follow these rules or I would soon be kicked out.
    I think that the tough on immigration rants is a rallying point to the right wing and they usually just get hysterical about it all.
    Sensible humane policies is whats needed.

    Mark I am very jealous Harry Ramsdens is magic and I here the star treck film is good.

  15. stevie Says:

    Aye Gregg, I’m doing fine.

    Agree with most of your points but I’m still unsure about who you actually say have come here for the handouts.

  16. stevie Says:

    I think the main issue is that we now have an unemployed generation who not only never knew their parents to have a job, but never knew their grandparents to have one either- they’ve become dependent, cynical, lazy and scared. It’s a western construct, completely alien to third world migrants who only want to have what their families had for generations- the dignity of a full day’s work. Sure, there might be the odd scumbag liar who’s come to get into the underworld but their numbers are neglible.

    Those refused entry aren’t kicked out because they’re liars or thieves but because the UN definition of refugee only applies to those ‘persecuted.’ In other words, if the government are after you because of your religion, (depending on the mood of the Daily Mail reading pen-pusher in Dover) you might be allowed in. If you’re caught up in a civil war, it’s the first available flight back to it.

    To be honest though, I’m more concerned about your lack of support regarding Noel Edmonds.

  17. bingabinga Says:

    I only liked Noel when he was in Multi coloured swapshop now he is a wanker of the first degree.

  18. Mark Says:

    Ouch fuck it! I am a citizen of the world; there are no borders in my life. Everyone is my brother and sister. It always boils down to people getting benefits for being unemployed, from those that work. There are a lot of fuckwits out there who will never work, but these benefits help the genuine unemployed who are victums of todays economic problems. There is no distinction. I don`t mind paying for these people to have their appendix removed if they become ill. Thats the kind of society I like to live in. If you are in trouble you get help, no matter were on the planet you are born. The fact that our corporations reap massive wealth from these peoples misfortunes only highlights the problem, and the need for us to help them.

    Peter you are takin the piss, have you never seen “Deal or no Deal”?

  19. bingabinga Says:

    I know Mark I am also an internationalist. Noel Edmonds give me Steve Wright or Mike Read anytime.

    Peace brother (in law)

  20. stevie Says:

    I tune into the last 5 minutes of deal or no deal only, cackling like a madman if the contestant wins fuck all, closing my curtains and heading to bed if he wins a fortune.

  21. Mark Says:

    It must be like a kick in the nuts when Noel gives them a cheeky wink, then opens the final box to reveal 50p. They should have taken the £10,000 that weirdo on the phone offered them 10 minutes before. Greedy bastards.

    As far as daytime telly goes, not a patch on Bargain Hunt. Very educational. Love it when I`m on a back shift. I can sit down at lunchtime with a steaming bowl of baxters soup and watch Tim Wonnacot weave his magic! Can`t wait until I get my Sky+ box, never miss an episode.

  22. equivalence Says:

    Sorry about the Noel Edmonds thing, I should have clarified he is a tit! That said, I don’t watch much TV so I may well be doing him a disservice here, but I’ll take your word for it.

    My vote for TV asshole is David Pleat, that prick has ruined the Champions League coverage for me. I can no longer watch it as he is such a fud. I sit and pray the cunt is on ITV4 match.

    As for the handouts point. I’m talking about giving handouts to immigrants of all sorts whether that be asylum seekers, eastern Europeans, Europeans, Americans, and so on.

  23. stevie Says:

    Football summarisers should be outlawed altogether. How much do we really need Pleat, Booth etc to state the bloody obvious? I remember when fitba commentators just told us who had the ball, and kept their mind-numbing observations to themselves, or bored their wives to death when they got home.

    Still, I’d rather have Pleat telling us the square root of fuck all during an important match than that prick Edmonds.

  24. stevie Says:

    …although Craig Burely can be worth listening to I suppose.

  25. bingabinga Says:

    This guy is worth listening to

  26. Scoosh Says:

    As an avid nationalist, I for one are happy with the resurgense of the British National Party. For too long, i’ve watched from afar whilst Britain has been deliberatetly diluted and margionalised by johnny foreigner! Who’s going to look after us whilst the gypsys, the gypos, the gypalattas are populating like rabbitts? I’m not allowed to commit crimes and get away with it, so why are they? and we all know who they are dont we?
    Anyway, just a few thoughts

  27. bingabinga Says:

    Thanks for your comments Scoosh,I worry about this to but I am on the receiving end of it. In America there is a campaign to send belligerent drunk over patriotic scotsmen back home,so I have to lie low and speak in an American accent.
    Enjoy your trip home mate.Say hello to your family for me.

  28. stevie Says:

    Well said, skoosh. When I lived in Egypt I was surrounded by bloody foreigners, the same with everywhere I’ve been come to think of it. Where the hell do they come from?

    Why can’t we look after our own? Why can’t we stop all these foreigners at the gate unless they prove themseleves to be just like us- fat and daft?

    Let us know if you’ll be around Edinburgh (slim chance, I suppose). That’s where I’m heading to work over the summer tomorrow.

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