The End

There is something wrong with this website I can’t upload anything on to it.I was getting a bit fed up with it anyway.There is only so much you can write on a blog.Who wants to know what you had for yer dinner etc and most days thats about exciting as my life gets.So thanks for commenting etc maybe I will try it again sometime but for now I am busy with getting things ready for the baby who is due on the 20th August.

Have a good summer and keep in touch

Peter (bingabinga)

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4 Comments on “The End”

  1. stevie Says:

    Damn. And I was so close to finding out yir identity.

    Everything has a shelf life and I’m sure we’ll all manage to get by.


  2. Mark Says:

    Yeh canny! This is my main social outlet. I`ll need tae go outside and talk tae people now!!! Theres too many weirdos in Rothesay tae risk that.

  3. bingabinga Says:

    Sorry Stevie and Mark but I am pretty busy.I would have kept it going but I can’t seem to download anything on to it.
    I contacted wordpress but the things they told me to do didn’t work.
    I might try again in the winter when the baby is here and I am stuck at home watching him/her which will be two days a week.

    Newsflash WordPress contacted me and they say it is a web problem and they are working on it so all is not lost.
    Thanks for caring you guys.

  4. Louise Says:

    I hope you get it sorted cos I like your wee blog. Michael was here today for one of his quarterly visits with his kids. Get the photies of Seattle Sounders on I was looking forward to them.

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