Seattle Sounders

As the football season winds down in Europe,It is not even halfway through here in America.I managed to get a ticket for my first Seattle Sounders game since they moved up to the Major League as they previously played in the semi professional league.They were playing the current champions Columbus crew from Ohio.It ended 1-1 it was a good game and had alot of incidents.Freddie Lunberg now plays for Seattle.He played well even though he missed a penalty.

I enjoy MLS and football is starting to take off here Seattle has sold out every home game with a respectable 32,000,So the atmosphere is good with a lot of razzmatazz throwing in that the Americans are always good at.

The other thing about MLS which is good is the fact that there are wage caps etc for each club which means that they can only buy say one big player such as Beckham or Lundberg.It makes it a more level playing field for the teams involved.

I was going to put up some pictures but there is something wrong with the site.

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2 Comments on “Seattle Sounders”

  1. stevie Says:

    Like the idea of the wage cap but razzmatazz bores the shit out of me to be honest. Except if it’s really good.
    What sort of razzamataz are we talking here?
    Please tell.

    The only non-fitba related thing at the fitba I like are the national anthems. Don’t understand all that ‘it’s wrong to boo them’ stuff. I think it’s great fun, booing the lot of them especially our own.

    I’m a bit sad, right enough.

  2. bingabinga Says:

    The Razzmatazz was a marching band it was razzmatastic Stevie,They also had a couple of races for the kids and they won prizes.They had a singing of the national anthem and a big flag.I wouldn’t boo it here though or they would lynch you.

    It was a nice night the weather was good.
    I hear there is a heatwave happening in Glesga.It was 88 degrees here today a wee bit to hot.

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