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Pizza and a Film

June 29, 2009
Don't mess with the Clint

Don't mess with the Clint

Pizza and a movie last night.I finally got to see this,I missed it when it was at the cinema.It was a good movie,some good dialogue going on between the characters,Clint plays a blinder as a 75yr old vigilante.I thoroughly recommend this Movie.

The Pizza was good to and I had some marvelous strawberry shortcake to follow.


Bloody Marvelous


On Raglan Road

June 28, 2009

I like this song it was in In Bruge,the part where Brendan Gleeson jumps to his death

I sometimes just like to put songs that I like on this blog ,you know like a scrapbook.

The sound of the suburbs

June 27, 2009

Tomorrow is somewhat of a victory parade for us.After nearly a year of slowly chopping and cutting away at the woodland that was meant to be our garden we have finally cleared it of trees and bushes.

So the day has come for us to till the soil that we worked so hard to get to.We have rented this beauty from a builders supplier to help us, I present the state of the art rototiller.

She's a beauty!

She's a beauty!

So that’s whats happening this weekend in sweet suburbia.I tell you life is mental out here we might even BBQ after it or maybe  go to the garden center and get some root crop seedlings.

I tell you these guys got it right when they sang about the suburbs its fucking crazy.


June 27, 2009


So maybe I missed something here but when did these characters become popular again?

I came home from work tonight turned on BBC America  and caught Jonathon Ross introducing these talentless wanks as if they were the best thing since The Beatles or something.

They were terrible like hiding behind a cushion terrible.

Dear oh dear sort it out Britain for fucksake.I really am angry about this,Britains a fucken joke of a place these days I’m sorry but it is.

Take That for fucksake!

Michael Jackson Deed!!

June 26, 2009

Who Cares?

A fine read

June 22, 2009

I just finished this book,It is a good read it is a bit like Catcher In The Rye but it is set in Vietnam.It is the author’s account of his tour of duty there.What is interesting is that it was written in 1969 and was probably one of the first anti Vietnam novels.

That’s Amazing I hear you say,well you know you should all fucking read a bit more and learn these things.People say to me Peter why are you such a wealth of  trivial knowledge,and I reply”because I read a book a week wee man”.Just like Finchy in The Office.


June 22, 2009
Not actual Toyota Camry

Not actual Toyota Camry

A bit of embarrassing drama happened to me and Sarah last night.You know when you see a car getting pushed along a busy road by random passerby’s and the traffics held up and you think how embarrassing for those people.Well last night we were those people.

We had just dropped a mate off after work and while driving we noticed a rattling sound.So just as we stopped at a busy intersection of my favourite highway,highway 99, and as we discussed how we had to take it for a service first thing in the morning,the car just stopped dead.

There was probably about 10 cars behind us hooting their horns but there was nothing we could do.So I got out and lifted the cars hood and they soon got the message and drove around us.Then some decent citizens came out of  a Starbucks,one big guy and two wee Korean men whose family stood and cheered as they pushed us into the Starbucks carpark.

I think they felt sorry for us as Sarah is looking very pregnant these days.Once we were in the carpark all this red oil started pouring out the car.

We called AAA who got our car towed to a garage and we got a taxi home.At least we are members so it was all covered by them.

Anyway the garage called today said it was the timing belt and all the repairs would cost $2000 Ouch!!. I was thinking of scrapping it but I suppose getting my 1993 Camry fixed up for $2000 is cheaper than buying a new one for $20,000.

So it lives to fight another day,it only has 105,000 miles on it so once its fixed it should be good for another few years.Anyway I am quite attached to my Camry and I paid nothing for it,It was my Mother In Laws but she got a new Prius a few years a go and gave me the Camry.

Just thought I’d share my bit of drama,and thanks to the people who helped push us.