Cheerio Gordon

Ah well that’s the fitba over for another year.What are your thoughts? who will be the next manager?Iam glad that wee GS is gone I did not like his style of play, and if he can’t win the Scottish Premier league against a struggling Rangers team then its time for a change.I wasn’t happy with Celtic last season and I am less happy with them now.

So who do you think Mark McGhee?Steve Bruce? Owen Coyle? I like Craig Levein probably not everybody’s pick but I also like Roy Keane who knows? your thoughts please.

Can I also say congratulations to Rangers Football Club and their supporters on a League title deservedly won,no complaints here except towards Celtic.

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5 Comments on “Cheerio Gordon”

  1. stevie Says:

    Wee GS didn’t progress this season and so I agree, he did the right thing by going. He’d still have left if we’d have won, I think, his dry wit and his intelligence just seemed to inflame a shit-for-brains core of the celtic support.

    Ooh-er, a bit controversial.

    Mowbray and Grant as the new team.

    Thank you.

  2. Mark Says:

    I`d like to see Alan Curbishley manage them, in preperation for a place in the Premiership2.

  3. bingabinga Says:

    Mowbray don’t know,too much of an attacking football purist for me.
    Alan Curbishley interesting has a lot of experience.Another name I heard yesterdy was Martin Jol who is doing well with Hamburg.
    I would still like to see Craig Levein.All would be interesting.

    Stevie GS attitude at times bothered me a little,he appeared pretty nonchalant even when the results weren’t going Celtics way.

  4. Louise Says:

    The thing that used to annoy me about GS was when he said (after every game we drew) “that was a great game for the neutrals”. Well he’s no a bloody neutral and he’s no employed by neutrals….stupid bugger. My choice is Owen Coyle, I think he is the next Davie Moyes and we left it too late to get Moyes. If we can’t get him I’d go for Curbishley or Levein. Mowbray is defensively naive and the the only thing I ever remember Peter Grant doin in a celtic shirt was blessin himsel at Ibrox, I cant be arsed wi aw that pish. As for Keane, he was the 5th highest spending manager in the world last year…he’s also aff his heid. There ye go that’s my opinions.

  5. bingabinga Says:

    Good points Louise although I think Coyle will be staying at Burnley I don’t blame him.
    I dont mind if Mark McGhee gets the job I have always liked him and every manager will need two seasons before they are judged.

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