A Classic

I just finished this classic book,It is very interesting it is the Author George Orwell telling the story of his time fighting in the Spanish Civil War for the government side,which were a mixture of socialists,liberals,communists and anarchists against the forces of General Franco who had led aFascist Coup against the legitimate government.

It is a interesting story but also it is an important historical document which explains the different factions involved in the Spanish Civil War.

Something which you realise as you read the book is how tough George Orwell is,he gets wounded and has to endure all sorts of hardships but in the book he just shrugs them off.Maybe people were just stronger back then and could handle more.After reading it though George Orwell is a new hero of mine and I plan to read more of his writings.

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2 Comments on “A Classic”

  1. twoforapound Says:

    Was reading aboot Catalonia recently, Salvador Dali used the landscape as a backdrop for alot of his paintings.

    I’m in search of a good book the now, something that surprises me and teaches me something. Things have been put on hold cos I’m busy with college, only came internet looking for photo of the Scottish Parliament.

    I generally stay clear of war type stuff, I know this is terrible but find it dead boring, I can’t relate tae it and cannae get intae it.

    I’m a bad person.

  2. bingabinga Says:

    Cheers for dropping by TFP.Glad to see you are sticking the College life.
    Books wise I read quite a lot but really it is anything that takes my fancy.I go from George Orwell to reading a book about the life and times of Walter Norval Glasgow crime boss that my Ma sent me.

    On the Art front the painting Guernica by Picasso depicts an air raid during the Spanish Civil War.

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