Melting Pot

I was just thinking in work the other day about how many different nationalities I work with.I wanted to list them,




We also have Muslims,Christians,atheists Buddhists,Gay,straight black,white.

The thing is,we all get on I like all of the people I work with some more than others but they are all decent people.

Sometimes I don’t really think of America as a country,It is more like a big melting pot of people from different places.The people of America who get overly patriotic should stop and think about this,many people who live here are only first or second generation American.I just find the extreme patriotism that some Americans show is a bit strange at times,considering America is really just a big land mass full of people who originated from other places.

I think that America is a good example of integration.I think this when I am at my job and all these people from different places get on so well.

Then I say to myself,man why is there war in the world when we all get on so well.

That’s when I like to sing about the Love Train.

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5 Comments on “Melting Pot”

  1. Louise Says:

    Hello Peter, I liked your post. I have a lot of issues with America but I often think its a much more open society than Britain. I think I have even more issues with Britain at the moment than I do with the USA. Everyone here is so negative and slag each other constantly…although sometimes I think that’s more to do with Scottish culture than British culture. I’m also quite worried about how much British politics is being undermined at the moment by the press and by the stupid politicians themselves. If we’re not careful we’ll create a vaccum for the likes of the BNP to fill as people get so disillusioned with mainstream politics.

    On a completely different note I’m hoping Celtic beat Hibs today. I won’t see it as we’re going to Dunoon to see Mark’s mum and dad. I’m sure many of my Celtic supporting friends will txt me if we’re winning, and an equal number of Rangers supporting friends will txt me if we’re losing. It’s just all part of the banter, haha. I’m starting my uni course on 3rd of June, feelin a bit nervous about it as I’ll be workin aswell as studying. Hope you and Sarah and the bump are doing well. I will listen to those crazy religious songs later, can’t face them jst now. Louise xx

  2. stevie Says:

    Got to say that the lynch mob-happy British public piss me off more than most of the politicians, Louise; grabbing what we can for ourselves has become the norm in our culture unfortunately, and the bams shouting from the rooftops loudest about unpaid fucking toblerones would be the first to line their own pockets.

    The media should be ‘exposing’ the MPs who don’t claim a penny, instead of tarring decent people like George Galloway with the same brush as self-serving scumbags like Blears and Martin.

    Mon the celtic

  3. bingabinga Says:

    Louise I would agree with you about British culture.People are definitely hard on each other.I think the media have a lot to do with the negativity and the dumbing down of the British people..
    I blame New Labour in many ways they had 12yrs to get Britain back on track and change it’s direction but it didn’t and followed the economic and social policies of the previous Tory party.The founders of the Labour Movement in Britain would be turning in their graves.The Left in Britain is non exsistent now as a force and the extreme right appear to be garnishing power in some areas.
    I think if I was back home I would be voting SNP I know they are not perfect but it is our only real hope of an independent Scotland and a more left leaning government.
    Stevie the Lynch Mob happy British public are the victims of the right wing British media and an inept weak government.The Labour government have been such a disaster for the Left Wing that I would go as far as saying it was an MI5 plot to take over the Labour Party and destroy the more militant within it.Tony Blair was with the British secret service.I know it sounds crazy but stranger things have happened.
    Ah well the fitba its all up to Dundee Utd next week who knows its still not over.
    Louise what are you doing at Uni?
    I have been gardening with Sarah the last couple of days and we are BBQ some trout tonight with a couple of friends.I’m living life in the bus lane these days.

  4. Mark Says:

    Hello Peter, I’m doing my Scottish Qualification for Headship. It’s a post-graduate diploma. Don’t know if I ever actually want to be a heidie but I may as well leave my options open. I am looking forward to my summer holidays…6 weeks of gardening and taking it easy, with a wee trip to euro disney thrown in. I am learning Tam O’Shanter at the moment…what a strange thing to be doing, but someone asked me to learn it for Burns Supper time, it’ll probs take me until January to learn it. I’ll recite it for all you mad Yanks when I come over next year hahahaha. In fact I could probably make a fortune recitin it in downtown Seattle. Mum sent me the photos from recent scan. Very, very clear, amazing. Give my love to Sarah, Louise xx (Just realised I’m on Mark’s user thingy)

  5. bingabinga Says:

    Its good that you are doing that course Louise maybe we will send our kid over to your school to get some scottish education.
    The scan was really clear wasn’t it.I think he looked like a boy.We will have a burns supper here when you are over and you can recite Tam O shanter.Have to go I am in work.

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