Cake Delight

Bloody Marvelous

Bloody Marvelous

Anyone had any good Tea and Cake recently,Please share your experiences.

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5 Comments on “Cake Delight”

  1. stevie Says:

    Finest experience of the week came from checking out ‘grubbers’ corner’ in sainsbury’s just before it shut last tuesday. Grabbed two huge strawberry tarts down from 2.49 to a princely 19p!

    The first yin was brilliant.

    And I stuck the second yin in the freezer and the next day defrosted it. Was in there for too long though and went all soggy.

    But it tasted even better than the first yin.

    Thank you

  2. Louise Says:

    I just had a yum yum, was very nice with a wee cuppa. Been trying to diet yesterday, have lost 4 pounds but have probably put it all back on this weekend. Got a day off work tomorrow (holiday monday). It’s the Jazz Festival on Bute so island is very busy. Just watching Rangers v Hearts just now, 0-0 with 37 mins gone. Will put kettle on at half time and have another wee cuppa.

  3. bingabinga Says:

    I always like a bargain Stevie and it sounds like it was sale of the century in Sainsburys 19p! marvelous.We also have a day old bakery stand in my local supermarket its called QFC.I am a frequent visitor to it but at times it gets a bit hairy and the odd fight breaks out between the auld yins.I always carry my day old baguette to fend them off and get the good stuff.I got a large slice of German Chocolate cake for 86cents the other day.

    What tea are you drinking these days?I like Yorkshire loose tea.I get it in bulk from Amazon.I recently bought an imported packet of 80 Punjana teabags from a small delicatessen.How much you ask? $10.50.Yes imported tea is very expensive here.I must admit I am a convert to loose tea these days.

    Ah the old YumYum Louise great cake always consistent I have never had a bad Yum Yum.That’s the good thing about Scottish Bakers they stick to the old formula and you know what your’e getting,for example the fern cake always good,always consistent not any variation from baker to baker.Now here in America very much hit and miss take the Brownie the flagship of American baked goods you could have a great one in one place then a bland sorry excuse for one two shops down.

    The thing that America does right in the world of Cake delight is their Donuts.There is a Donut shop near us called Krispy Kreme,great donuts.I find myself going in there now and then for a cup of tea and a couple of donuts.I take my own teabag though as tea in America is the worst.I hear it is so bad in some states it has made people from the UK ill and spoiled there holiday.
    I made some scones last night and put jam and cream inside them I will put some pictures up.
    I should go on a diet to Louise I try and limit myself to one cake a day but its hard.The fitba is getting exciting.Sarah’s Mum and Dad are coming on Wednesday night to stay for a week,So we have to get the place sorted out how are James and Sophie?,I will phone ye soon.

  4. Mark Says:

    Just finished a backshift at the hospital. A patients relative had handed in some homebaking for the staff and patients. Lovely small sponge cakes split open at the top and filled with whipped cream and homemade raspberry jam. Also a large fruitcake with a line of glazed cherrys along the top. The ward was quiet so we spent most of the shift hiding in the duty room scoffing the cakes and drinking steaming mugs of tea. The patients got their usual safeway savers digestive biscuits with their tea.

    Some employees get paid bonuses, we`ve got to take what we can!

  5. bingabinga Says:

    Good stuff Mark the auld yins probably all have the diabetes anyway.

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