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Steve Earl

May 26, 2009

Me and my good buddies Snake and Bubba like to listen to Steve Earl when we are letting off our guns.


Cheerio Gordon

May 26, 2009

Ah well that’s the fitba over for another year.What are your thoughts? who will be the next manager?Iam glad that wee GS is gone I did not like his style of play, and if he can’t win the Scottish Premier league against a struggling Rangers team then its time for a change.I wasn’t happy with Celtic last season and I am less happy with them now.

So who do you think Mark McGhee?Steve Bruce? Owen Coyle? I like Craig Levein probably not everybody’s pick but I also like Roy Keane who knows? your thoughts please.

Can I also say congratulations to Rangers Football Club and their supporters on a League title deservedly won,no complaints here except towards Celtic.

A Classic

May 25, 2009

I just finished this classic book,It is very interesting it is the Author George Orwell telling the story of his time fighting in the Spanish Civil War for the government side,which were a mixture of socialists,liberals,communists and anarchists against the forces of General Franco who had led aFascist Coup against the legitimate government.

It is a interesting story but also it is an important historical document which explains the different factions involved in the Spanish Civil War.

Something which you realise as you read the book is how tough George Orwell is,he gets wounded and has to endure all sorts of hardships but in the book he just shrugs them off.Maybe people were just stronger back then and could handle more.After reading it though George Orwell is a new hero of mine and I plan to read more of his writings.


May 22, 2009

I went to the doctors the other day and he told me I should lose weight,He recommended the south beach diet.I took his advice as I am getting bigger by the year or even the month.

This is day4 starting I have not had any sugar or carbohydrates for 3 days.The diet is some meat,fish and vegetables for 2 weeks,then they let you add some carbs.I am determined to succeed.

So wish me luck on my epic struggle here in America to be thin again.My struggle of life or death,I might make a documentary about it.

You can also donate to my foundation.FSA (Fat Scots In America)



May 18, 2009

I think I am going to become an American Citizen soon.A bit shocking I know.Here is some Gil Scot Heron did you know his da played for Celtic?

Melting Pot

May 17, 2009

I was just thinking in work the other day about how many different nationalities I work with.I wanted to list them,




We also have Muslims,Christians,atheists Buddhists,Gay,straight black,white.

The thing is,we all get on I like all of the people I work with some more than others but they are all decent people.

Sometimes I don’t really think of America as a country,It is more like a big melting pot of people from different places.The people of America who get overly patriotic should stop and think about this,many people who live here are only first or second generation American.I just find the extreme patriotism that some Americans show is a bit strange at times,considering America is really just a big land mass full of people who originated from other places.

I think that America is a good example of integration.I think this when I am at my job and all these people from different places get on so well.

Then I say to myself,man why is there war in the world when we all get on so well.

That’s when I like to sing about the Love Train.


May 17, 2009

I thought since it was Sunday I would share a couple of my favourite religous songs.

I quite liked that one a bit of harmless fun.Now the next one is a different story I would love to kick this guy in the baws.I worry that my future son or daughter gets mixed up with this sort.I would rather he/she experimented with beer and weed with the likes of Snake and Bubba than get mixed up with this gang of weirdos.Please judge for yourself.

Dear oh dear I hear you say,yes this is what the youth of America get sucked into.There is a youth church near us that hundreds of kids go to.They have also been known to leaflet outside schools.