Cheer up,here’s Archie MacPherson

Here is a clip of Archie getting into trouble watch it around 3.22 when he is on the phone you might have to turn the sound up.

Ahh Sportscene,it reminds me of carefree Saturday nights when my Da would wander home half cut wi a couple of sausage suppers for us all and then shout at the biased commentators, happy days!.See Mark Celtic paranoia was alive and well even back in 1980.

Don’t worry about the swine flu,things will always be the same just like Archie Macphersons Hair,and what about Dougie Donnelys,burst couch heid hasnae got a look in.Hahaha

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5 Comments on “Cheer up,here’s Archie MacPherson”

  1. Fiona Says:

    Oh Peter, I love you for posting this! I laughed at you talking about your Dad coming home a wee bit merry on a Saturday night. My Dad is a long-standing Motherwell supporter and when we were kids he went to every game.

    I have such strong memories of him sitting watching Sportscene with a can of McEwans in his hand after coming home puggled from an afternoon/early evening of beer, whisky and football.(sounds awful but he’s a very genial drunk so they’re good memories LOL!).

    He used to lie in his bed till lunchtime on a Sunday. It was years before I understood that he had a hellish hangover, hahaha. It’s him that gave me the drinking gene – I, however, decided to opt out of alcohol cos we don’t have a good relationship. My dad, at age 68, still hasn’t learned moderation though. He’ll still go out and get a skinfull and spend the next day dying. I worry about him cos he has high blood pressure but you canny tell him. Silly old man.

    Aye what about their hair? Archie’s hair always reminded me of orange candy-floss or an orange Brillo Pad. I see he’s still going strong (I lost track of football when I got married. Steve hates sport even more than I do. Which is quite a feat). Dougie looks like a wee fanny there. Wonder how long it took him to put his heated rollers in?

  2. bingabinga Says:

    Yes it took me back to happy days when I saw it but its funny how nearly 30yrs later Archie and Dougie just sound the same.Archie is ageless he looks like hes 50 there but he is probably only 30.
    My Da has learned he only drinks wine now his BP was high to.I just stick to the soft drinks myself these days.

  3. bingabinga Says:

    Just looked at wikepedia Archie is now 72.Arthur Montford was also a big favourite of mine.

  4. Fiona Says:

    Oh my god, I’d forgotten about the bold Arthur. He was Scotsport wasn’t he? I just Googled his picture. Memories flooding back of Sunday’s at my granparents in Clydebank. My Dad and Grandpa sitting with a wee whisky watching Scotsport and the house smelling of the Sunday dinner cooking.

    Misty water coloured memories and all that 🙂

  5. bingabinga Says:

    Arthur is a true Scottish Legend.There was another guy called Jimmy Sanderson on Radio Clyde at the time,he was fantastic on the Radio Clyde Phone in.

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