The International Brigade

A tribute to the Heroes of the International Brigades who died fighting Fascism in Spain during the Spanish Civil War 1936/39.Five hundred of them were Scottish and one hundred and twenty four lost their lives, sixty five from Glasgow.It is the 70th anniversary of its unfortunate conclusion this week.I found this article in the Daily Record it is worth a read.

Revealed: The heartbreaking story of the Scots brothers who fought

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4 Comments on “The International Brigade”

  1. Mark Says:

    That Homage to Caladonia looks a good read. Try Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell though if you havn`t read it. Orwell joins the marxist POUM militia and fights on the Aragon front, eventually getting wounded. He also describes the infighting between the communists, anarchists and POUM that eventually helped franco to victory. Thats been the trouble with the far Left throughout history; they degenerate into infighting and let the arseholes take power.

    Or, if a left wing government are in power in a country, the CIA organise a right wing coup and fuck things up that way. You should rent the DVD The War on Democracy by John Pilger. Doesn`t paint American foreign policy in Latin America in a good light. The documentary is fucking unbelievable…………enough though, don`t know who is reading this blog………………..

  2. the dark yin fae bananarama Says:

    ”As the UK and France were neutral in the Spanish conflict…”

    and the daily record was doing so well there as well!

    Aye, Orwell’s account is brilliant, I loved his description of being shot. I’d like to watch the Pilger dvd, I wonder if I’d find it on youtube or something.

  3. bingabinga Says:

    Good to hear from you Comrades,Yes Mark the left have always been up against it from the inside and outside.
    Don’t worry about the CIA ,since Obama got in and the collapse of the economy Leftist policies in America are looking like a good option for many people.The CIA are out chasing the fat cats for a change.
    I will read the George Orwell book I started reading Down and out in London and Paris years ago I didn’t finish it though.
    I will put that DVD on my netflix.
    I just watched a movie called RFK must die,it was about alleged CIA involvement in the murder of Robert Kennedy it freaked me right out if you get the chance watch it!!

  4. twoforapound Says:

    I like the poster design.

    Very Russian constructivism.

    I’m gonnae read this.

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