$3 Movie

How you doing you guys,Aye I went to the $3 pictures the night it’s called The Crest and it’s 10minutes fae the hoose.I like it it’s usually the films that are about to go out the cinemas that play there.Benjamin Button is there just now but the Movie I saw was called Last Chance Harvey with Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman.It was a pleasant unoffensive wee film,the ladies enjoyed it the guys thought it was awright.I checked it out it’s  not released in Scotland until June.

Anyway there was a guy up the back of the cinema whooping and laughing like a madman at every wee joke I thought this was the best part of the night,then when the credits started he was doon the front dancing himself,it was magic.I wanted to go up and talk to him to find out what he was all about,but I wasn’t allowed.I like happy mad men I think I will continue going to The Crest to try and find the mad dancer and at $3 a movie,why not?

Sorry this blog is turning into Peter at the movies.I was going to do an April Fools Joke but it’s getting too late.

Whit about aw they 80’s stars fighting though it was pretty mental.



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19 Comments on “$3 Movie”

  1. Mark Says:

    Pressures on the nite, a must win against Iceland. The big breakin use Peter is that Barry Ferguson and Allan McGregor have been dropped from the team. The pair were found pissed in the hotel bar when the team got up for breakfast. Wee Super Swally has taught them well at Ibrox. Thats a worse disgrace than Willie Johnstone!!!!

  2. bingabinga Says:

    Is this an April fools Mark?

  3. bingabinga Says:

    I thought you meant they were found in the bar this morning.It isnae so bad then I mean they had a few days to get over it,but a breach in discipline is a breach in discipline.None of the cellic boys were involved if they were the press would want then barred from playing for Scotland for life.A bit of tym paranoia on display there Mark.

    I stand by my prediction of 2-0 to Scotland.
    Its snowing here today can ye believe the 1st of April and its snowing!

  4. Mark Says:

    Aye, think it was a few days ago. Rules are rules though, can`t believe he has them on the bench for the game. The whole thing is beginnin tae overshadow the match.

    Burley better play two up front and we might have a chance of gettin a couple of goals. Ma moneys on Chris Iwelumo if he plays him, with 14 goals out of 30 games for wolves he should get a game!!!

  5. bingabinga Says:

    Sounds like a good game glad they won.Second place is looking good.
    Who needs the two drunks anyway.

  6. Nik Kershaw Says:

    Sorry to drag the conversation away from football (!) but I have checked out the above mentioned film on IMDB and can confirm that it will be getting the body-swerve from me. Despite being of the female persuasion, bittersweet romantic comedies are probably near the bottom of my list of film genres I really, really love.

    Plus the fact that Steve loathes Dustin Hoffman (it’s actually quite out of proportion, like the rage you’d feel for a builder). I’ve tried getting him to change his view, but even the broad comedy of ‘Meet the Fockers’ and ‘Toostsie’ left him unimpressed. There’s a wee dude on this years ‘Apprentice’ that looks like him http://www.bbc.co.uk/apprentice/images/_uploads/images/candidates/benclarke_large.jpg so now Steve canny go him either (photie isn’t that great – he really is a dead ringer for the wee man).

    What’s your favourite movie genre? I like a good Sci-Fi or a gangster movie and I love Will Ferrell and Adam Sandle. Hate musicals, rom-coms and anything really downbeat and nihilistic (Requiem for a Dream, Irreversible, Vera Drake).

  7. Fiona Says:

    Hahahah – Nik Kershaw seems to share exactly the same views as myself. And has a partner called Steve. Spooky. 🙂

  8. bingabinga Says:

    The movie was pretty pish Fiona and I don’t really like that type of Movie but at $3 and 10 minutes from the house I am up for anything.The guy dancing was worth going for.
    I like many different types of Movies from Documentaries to comedies.I do like War Movies alot.
    What is up wi auld Dustin he was great in The graduate,Maybe he reminds your husband of someone he didn’t like an auld teacher or something.
    I must admit I enjoyed Vera Drake just because there are so many fanny anti abotionists here and it showed what happens when you make it illegal.

    Howard Jones could hammer Nik Kershaw.The Thompson Twins are pretty handy though,so I’m told.

  9. charlie nicholas Says:

    McGregor and our so called captain are a disgrace. So are Broon and the other four for their involvement. So is Fletcher for trying to blame the media for a group of jaw-droppingly contemptible millionaires getting rat-arsed till lunchtime on the sunday before a vital match.

    What a position to be in: to have half a squad of smug, spoiled aresholes who cannae even lace the boots of great players like Frank McGarvey and Davie Dodds who barely even won a cap in their day, but would have walked to Holland to play.

    Aye, give yirsels a a pat oan the back- a narrow win against Farmfoods will keep us aw deluded for another few months at least.

  10. bingabinga Says:

    Great point Charlie,I haven’t really been following the story as thankfully the reach of the scottish tabloids does not extend to Seattle.I agree with you fully though and the senior players like Barry Ferguson should be barred from putting on the Jersey.

  11. Mark Says:

    The latest fae the west of scotland is both players have been sent home from murray park by walter, both suspended from rangers, ferguson stripped of the captains armband for rangers, both are now on the transfer list and are expected to leave by the summer, and finally both will never play for scotland again.

    Not bad for a wee swally at the cameron hoose hotel!!

  12. charlie nicholas Says:

    When I think of the guys I was up against in the 80s…


    Class acts the lot of them and barely a cap between them… must be wondering where the justice is when these nouevaux rich neanderthals can treat their national duty like some sort of community service and still be treated like heroes.

    Anyway I’m off to the hairdressers.

  13. bingabinga Says:

    Mark I am surprised it is getting taken so seriously but I do agree the players have disgraced themselves.

    Charlie I think you throw your carreer away when you went to Arsenal but I do agree with you on this point.
    There were others from that era to Mark McGhee for example.

  14. Mark Says:

    I think murray is using it as an exuse to offload some debt to the bank of scotland.

    As for the SFA, the word on the street is there were up to another 4/5 players pished in the bar just 10 minutes before Barry Bawbags and Allan McShagger were caught. They decided to head to bed early (11.50am) and were not implicated, although a full SFA enquiry has begun (askin the barstaff who wiz there?). Rumour has it a Scott Broon wiz steamin!

  15. charlie nicholas Says:

    suzanne dando was livin in london in 83, whit would you have done?

    I think a ban for life is pretty harsh, seein as the viccies weren’t at the supporters but the press. But of course I couldnae see them doin that on the bench for their club.

    I just think this is the result of paying ludicrous amounts of cash to guys for bootin a baw aboot.

    Reinstate the hun 2! (Kind of)

  16. bingabinga Says:

    Mark they should all be banned.At least when Scottish players in the past got up to a bit of Tom Foolery they had maybe won a game or two and got us to a World Cup or even a European Championship,or at least beat England in the home nations cup,but not this group of prima donna wanks.In fact throw them in jail,they have let our nation doon again,and the rich spoiled bastards obviously don’t give a fuck.

    Charlie Nicholas you know whit mate you let me and other young Celtic fans doon in 1983 you get tae fuck aswell ya prick!!

  17. stevie Says:

    aye charlie I almost shed tears for yae ya fucker. You were warned about leaving and yae didnae listen. Up yae.

    I agree Binga. The majority of them are ignorant loutish wankers who do fuck all for their communities and for that there is only one punishment and that is death.

    Sorry I mean debt.

    Make them all as skint as the rest of us.

  18. Louise Says:

    Poor Barry and Allan. I mean not only do they have a lifetime ban, they’ve lost 2 wks wages and Baz isn’t captain of the huns anymore. But the worst thing about it musta been Allan McGregor wakin up to realise that he allowed Scott Brown to shave his heid durin their drinkin binge. I have to admit I turned over to rangers TV last night (I have it as part of setanta…honest) to watch them bein paraded at Murray Park to make a grovellin apology to the hun fans. Makes me laugh really cos they’ve just played into David Murray’s hands who has to sell 8 players in summer…..theyre no exactly top class players but now they jst look like fannies. Goin to see the celtic play Hamilton the day. Cheery x

  19. bingabinga Says:

    Hear Hear Stevie,good game today Louise nice to see the two big yins getting on the scoresheet it will at least give their confidence a boost.
    I just watched the Seattle Sounders beat Toronto 2-0.Not the same but they have got off to a great start winning their first 3 games and not conceding a goal.I think it is the best start a new team has had in American Soccer history.Yeah thats right you guys soccer,thats what I call it now.
    anyway I am going to watch the game on the computer.

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