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Stay In!!

April 30, 2009

Ok so the new going out is staying in,who wants to be around sick people with the swine flu,that’s what Doctors and Nurses make the big bucks for.So if you are staying in with Tinfoil and duct tape around the windows here are some book reviews for you.You can buy all this stuff at Amazon so you don’t have to go outside to get them.Stay safe and wash yer hands.

Ok so the first book I will review is called All Souls by Michael Patrick MacDonald


Its a memoir of the Author growing up in South Boston (southie) in the seventies.South Boston is a large Irish American Ghetto a bit like the Gorbals.The author comes from a single parent family of eleven his upbringing is pretty rough and there is a lot of Racism towards the black communities in the area, race riots erupt when they try and bus kids to each others schools to promote integration it is a good read and I highly recommend it.

The follow up to his book is called Easter Rising and it is when the Author escapes Southie through Music and by following The East Coast Punk scene of the late seventies and early eighties I just started reading this but the first few chapters have been good.


The author Michael Patrick MacDonald is a likable guy and his life is pretty interesting,I suppose many people live in bad situations but he writes about it  well.I don,t want to talk to much about him as it will give away his story,I would buy the books.

The third book I found in a used bookshop in Seattle it is called Faintheart and is by Charles Jennings.It is about the author an Englishman touring around Scotland.

I enjoyed this book and the author is quite kind to Scotland there are some funny moments even if it is dated,it was written just after the Scottish Parliament opened.It reads like a long article you would find in a Sunday supplement from the Observer or some other quality Sunday broadsheet,It was good and it mentioned the Erskine Bridge twice.

The fourth book I nearly finished was this one,now I was really looking forward to reading this but unfortunately I found it a bit of a chore trying to get through it.Here it is,ironically it is called The World Without Us.


This one was for the boffins out there I read 2/3 of it and then put it down.I am not saying it was a bad book I just wasn,t that interested in what happened to Nuclear Power Stations when we had all been killed by some virus or what animal would rise to the top of the food chain when we are all gone.I am sure many people are as it was the nonfiction best seller of 2007.I may finish it but not just now.

And finally I watched this movie last night called Frozen River the lead woman got nominated for an Oscar.

It was very realistic in a depressing way.It is about the real America ie poor people’s America who live in trailers and Native Americans who live on reservations.It is good and very well acted you feel it is real life.Melissa Leo the lead in the movie gets caught up in an illegal immigrant smuggling ring run by Native Americans.It is grim but there is a certain amount of beauty in its grimness.I highly recommend it.

OK so that should keep you going while you hide from the outside world behind yer tinfoil windaes,see ye’s later hope you keep well.I am back at work tomorrow so I will see if we get our first swine flu victim in Seattle.

May I just add that if you want some sounds when you are hiding from the plague I would recommend this man,Badly Drawn Boy,a musical genius.


LeTs GeT sum EdUKashun

April 29, 2009

Yes sometimes I don’t just watch 80’s pop videos on youtube sometimes I like to educate myself.This clip is informative and entertaining,it is especially of interest to people living around the Clyde Coast especially Bishopton.Please enjoy and lets get educated.

Cheer up,here’s Archie MacPherson

April 28, 2009

Here is a clip of Archie getting into trouble watch it around 3.22 when he is on the phone you might have to turn the sound up.

Ahh Sportscene,it reminds me of carefree Saturday nights when my Da would wander home half cut wi a couple of sausage suppers for us all and then shout at the biased commentators, happy days!.See Mark Celtic paranoia was alive and well even back in 1980.

Don’t worry about the swine flu,things will always be the same just like Archie Macphersons Hair,and what about Dougie Donnelys,burst couch heid hasnae got a look in.Hahaha

Swine Flu

April 24, 2009

Thats it started the end of the world.I’m mildly concerned about this every 20 minutes or so on the news it keeps saying more and more people have got this Flu and it’s now in California spreading up from Mexico.Is this it,is nature having a cull who knows? but it’s everybody for themselves.I’m away to buy a gun and stock up wi Beans,Watch this Space!!


April 24, 2009


Sarah and I have been doing a spot of painting and decorating over the last couple of days,I quite enjoy it.There is something quite relaxing about painting a Ceiling or wall and listening to your Ipod collection.Talking of which I heard this song yesterday and it really is a timeless classic.I always liked Talk Talk,I used to get their album out the library,great tune.


April 21, 2009

Awright everybody how ye doing,Well that’s the vacation(holiday) over it’s back to work tomorrow Bah!!.The trip down to Oregon was good though lot’s of nice beaches the food was good to lots of seafood,The weather was alright,It was sunny a couple of days.

The thing though that I realised was when I was away is that it was the first time in years that I have had no access to internet,TV or my mobile as there was no or shite reception.It was quite scary for me.So how did I cope with this you ask.Well my friends I had a great time I felt like It was 1983 again and I reverted back to my youth.I bought myself a Kite and flew it down the beach,I got my metal detector out like a weirdo and went about the beach trying to find Treasure, I read a book and nearly finished a second we went to restaurants twice a day.It made me remember what life was like before internet,cable TV etc etc and I tell you it felt good.

So when I got home I got the 42″telly the computer the mobile the cable box and any other piece of shite gadgetry I could find and I took it oot to the gairden throw petrol over it and fucken burnt it aw to a cinder and it felt good real good HAHAHAHA.

Sarah wisnae happy though she has filed for divorce and I am sitting in the local psych ward writing this.Ah well I will probably be back in Scotland by next month.

Only joking but it did make me realise that all this gadgetry is shite and I personally don’t need it.

Hope yer all well here are a few photies of the holiday(vacation)

Me flying my kite

Me flying my kite




Haystack Rock

Haystack Rock

A rainbow outside the house

A rainbow outside the house

Whit ye daeing ya weirdo!

Whit ye daeing ya weirdo!

Where we stayed

Where we stayed



The king of custard

The king of custard

Oh Aye and another thing whit is all this Susan Boyle stuff I turned oan Larry King and there was this wee wummin fae the forties getting interviewed then one of the shop assistants in the local supermarket was asking me about her,good luck to her but WTF!!

Well I hope you liked my selection of photographs and I hope you are all well,see ye later my friends

The Bold Lloyd Cole

April 11, 2009

I just found this video on youtube,I loved Lloyd Cole and the commotions as an angst ridden teen living in Council hoose Scotland,well this is the bold Lloyd and the Commotions cutting aboot Central Station up the toon then singing us a classic tune.Aye Glesga does smiles better

Sorry I am going a bit mad posting music videos since I found out how.