Comic Gold

How you doing,Well I am just back from downtown it was alright I had a chicken Kebab and a look around a bookstore.

Anyway that’s not important,look what I got today from my friends at,Yes probably the best comedy to come out of Britain EVER!!!

“The ground shaking impact of The Comic Strip’s anarchic humour rattled the televisions of 1980’s Britain and when the smoke cleared they left a gaping crater that lesser comics are still falling into”

Archie McPherson 1995

I think that quote speaks for itself.

Well I have 26hrs of Comic gold to watch I think I will start with Mr Jolly lives Next Door and maybe move onto an old favourite A Fistful of  Travellers cheques

Tea check,

Biscuits check,

Telly and DVD check,

See ye’s later.

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7 Comments on “Comic Gold”

  1. bobsausage Says:

    Bad news was always my favourite.

    Let us know how that stands up after all these years!

  2. Mark Says:

    Mr Jolly lives next Door wiz ma favourite. Havnt seen that episode since the 80`s. Tom Jones soundtrack, Peter Cook dismemberin bodies and a wee finger sized coffin fir an amputated digit, if ma memory serves me right.
    Dont forget the bad news tour, loved those leopard patterned troosers! Heavy metal at its best! Used to have The Yob, the one with keith allen; classic stuff. Might order them fae Lovefilm.
    Enjoy yer tea and bisciuts!

  3. bingabinga Says:

    I watched some of MrJolly lives next door I think this was a precursor to Bottom.Sarah didnae like it so I watched one called Private Enterprise it was good.Rik Mayal is a kajagogoo type singer and Peter Richardson rips him and the record company off.It was good but not one that I remember standing out
    I think I will be watching alone Sarah doesnae really get it,I have been trying to explain how cutting edge it all was back in 1983 like comedy/Art.I will keep you posted.

  4. bobsausage Says:

    aye, well it’s very British initit, especially with all the cultural references like nicholas parsons…

    Never heard of Private Enterprise but it sounds like that peter kaye guy might have taken a few cues from it.

    Lots of love

    Bob Sausage

  5. bingabinga Says:

    Bob Sausage that’s a good name mate.

  6. stevie Says:

    I’m guessing Bob Sausage is Alex McNeil…

  7. bingabinga Says:

    I think you could be right Stevie.
    Alex always like his rolls and square sausage.

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