A Film

I watched this film the other day it was a good thriller about immigration and criminals,It is set in Ireland and is well done.If you want a DVD that isn’t a waste of money I recommend this one.

I am off the weekend not really got any plans,whit are you guys up tae?

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4 Comments on “A Film”

  1. twoforapound Says:

    Had Friday off. Went to see my sister/mums grave today, got back aboot 8pm, watched Notting Hill on the telly.

    Boring really. Don’t know what I’m doing tomorrow yet.

    Washing machines aboot tae pack in so no doubt we’re gonnae end up sitting through 3 spin cycles making sure it doesnae blow up.

    Still deaf.

  2. bingabinga Says:

    Sorry too hear yer still deaf I hope you get better soon.Notting Hill isnae bad.We had to get a new washing machine last summer.The one they left us was gubbed.
    Not doing much myself I went to an Antiques mall and auction house today.It was really people trying to punt their dead relatives stuff it was all crap really plenty of seventies paintings like this.

    Yes as I say mostly shite.

    Playing golf tommorow with my pal Billy.Other than that eating cakes and watching the telly.

  3. stevie Says:

    Have yae seen ‘Gran Torino’?

    Magic film.

    Also ‘Who Killed Nancy?’ is well worth seeing if you’ve got any interest in punk or just people who are deid. The director searches out the truth of that night 30 yrs ago.

    And finds it an aw…

  4. bingabinga Says:

    Haven’t seen it Stevie I have a DVD in the house it is about The assassination of Robert Kennedy and there is evidence the CIA was involved.I will probably watch it tonight.
    Who killed Nancy looks good I will see if I can get it over here.
    Have you ever seen a movie called Mickybo and Me.It is a great film Stevie set in N Ireland in 1970,I bought it as did not come out over here.

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