St Patrick’s Day

Awright,Happy St Patrick’s Day,I know it isn’t a big deal over in Scotland but let me tell you,over here it is massive,it is probably bigger for people going out than New Years.I used to go out with the masses and get full of it too.I used too even request a day off if I was working it,and why not I was a single man with some Irish roots and was St Patrick not from Old Kilpatrick anyway.

Awright I'm fae Old Kilpatrick

Awright I'm fae Old Kilpatrick

I don’t go out now on St Patricks day I gave up the drink a few years ago, I don’t miss it,it’s bedlam anyway aw these mad people running about steaming.Don’t get me wrong I still celebrate it.Tommorow we will have a few friends over and cook corned beef and cabbage and I will watch my favourite Irish film,it’s called Mickeybo and Me,I recommend it if you haven’t seen it.

I get fed up wi all the stereotype shite anyway when I think of Ireland or Scotland I think of things like this.

I've been there.

I've been there.

Not This



So there you have it,I’m having  a quiet one.None of the drunken shennigans for me,I’m getting too old for it anyways.Whatever you’re doing I hope you have a good day.

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28 Comments on “St Patrick’s Day”

  1. twoforapound Says:

    Forgot aw aboot it. Same as pancake day.

    My mums family came from Ireland (my granda and that) so in honour of my ancestors, I’m no having totties wi my dinner the night.

  2. stevie Says:

    Pancake day means more to me than St Paddy’s ever will.
    And St Pancake was a genuinely good guy as well.

    It’s all pish to me I’m afraid. I know you like it over there though Binga so have a good yin.

  3. FionaF Says:

    David came home from school today to say that they’d all been given wee fairy cakes with green icing cos it’s St Patrick’s day. I mean what is that all about? It’s not even a Catholic school. I’d never HEARD of St Patrick when I was a wean. And why do they have marching bands dressed in kilts on St Patrick’s day? Did they have tartan in Ireland? I’m confused.

  4. twoforapound Says:

    Schools are funny like that. I don’t even think there are Catholic and protestant schools anymore.

    It’s aw ‘non-denominational’ school so that everyone’s welcome. Disnae quite work like that mind. They’ll probably have Easter cakes anaw wi yellow icing. Easter being a religious festival and aw that.

    Think aw schools dae Easter. Well Christian schools or something.

    Cannae see they Ramadan cakes catching on, mind you.

  5. bingabinga Says:

    St Patrick’s day here in America is so big because it was a day for Irish Immigrants to celebrate their Irishness or their Celtic traditions.The Mexicans have a holiday like that to it’s called Cinqo de Mayo,they don’t celebrate in Mexico it is a day for Mexicans in America.
    I don’t mind it although I don’t believe in religion these days and I am surprised Fiona that they did that in a non denomimational school.
    The Americans love their wee parades and stuff I mean Halloween is a big holiday here too.So is Pancake Tuesday except its called Fat Tuesday.
    I just get a bit fed up though as everyone here thinks that Ireland and Scotland is just a place full of steamers but maybe it is.
    The kilt thing though I don’t know Fiona they do have Irish Tartans I know this as I worked in a Kilt shop over here for a few weeks.
    I Like St Pancake too Stevie I hear he is the patron saint of baked goods.

  6. Mark Says:

    Had never heard of him either until I married yer sis Peter. Did no bad for a wee guy born next tae the Glen Lusset under the Erskine Bridge though! He`d hav a job banishin all the reptiles oot of clydebank noo. How come the Irish picked a Scot tae be their patron saint anyway?

  7. bingabinga Says:

    I know Mark I heard he used to drink in The Atlantis wi Phil and Ann shannon.

  8. Louise Says:

    Aw that made me laugh!! Imagine the conversations between Phil, Ann and St Paddy!! The Simpsons St Patrick’s day special is on the now. Glad to hear scan went well and that Sarah is keeping well, u get that nursery sorted Petesy! Work has been very busy lately but I stop 2 weeks on Friday for a fortnight. It was Mark’s dad’s 80th birthday at the weekend so we were all up staying near his sisters at the cairngorm. It was a lovely place and old John is wearing well. Hope u are well, Love Louise

  9. equivalence Says:

    >I Like St Pancake too Stevie I hear he is the patron saint of baked

    I thought that would have been St Greggs. They celebrate him everyday doon on Byres Road at lunchtime.

  10. FionaF Says:

    twoforapound – March 17, 2009 at 4:11 pm

    “Cannae see they Ramadan cakes catching on, mind you.”


    Hahahahaha – I was talking to Nic about the whole cake thing last-night and I said to her that they’ll likely start acknowledging Ramadan and tell all the weans that the dinner hall is shut and they canny eat their play-piece’s or they’ll get 100 lashes in the playground fae the janny.

  11. bingabinga Says:

    I know Louise I wonder how all the old workmates are doing down there.
    Glad you had a good time with Mark’s family.
    I have my mate Jeff working on the house I ripped up the carpets but I needed some Professional help with the flooring.This has become a big job.Sarah says hello she has a bad cold.

    Gregg I knew you were partial to a Fern Cake or two but I never realised you were named after St Gregg the baker.

  12. equivalence Says:

    It’s no the fearn cakes Peter, it’s those god damn delicious sausage rolls.

  13. FionaF Says:

    twoforapound – March 17, 2009 at 4:11 pm

    “Cannae see they Ramadan cakes catching on, mind you.”


    I was talking about this to Nic and I said to her they’ll likely start acknowledging Ramadan next. They’ll shut the dinner hall for 6 weeks and any weans caught with a play-piece will get 100 lashes fae the janny at assembly.

    Bloody political correctness mental nonsense.

  14. stevie Says:

    naw it’s the cream apple turnovers. They’ll put me in ma grave.

    Can ye imagine though a coffin MADE fae cream apple turnovers fae greggs? Mmmmm

  15. bingabinga Says:

    I was always partial to a Strawberry Tart and the fudge doughnuts and probably everything else in the shop.

  16. Brian Says:

    While I quite understand why you prefer the natural surroundings over the state of total intoxication, I think you should know that the photograph of the drunks was taken in Russia.

  17. bingabinga Says:

    Sorry about that Brian I would like to take this moment to apologise to all Irish and scottish steamers everywhere for mixing them up with their Russian counterparts.

  18. Brian Says:

    Peter, are you implying here that I’m a “Irish/Scottish Steamer”? While it may be true that I have, on occassion, partaken of a light refreshment, I refute the suggestion that I fit into the “Steamer” category.

    Hail Hail

  19. bingabinga Says:

    Sorry Brian I wasn’t implying that you were a steamer it was my bad use of English.
    I am reading a good book just now that Mark put me on to it is called my Granny taught me to be an anarchist,It is about a guy called Stuart Christie who attempted to assassinate Franco.You may like it with you living in Spain
    Hope your well

  20. Brian Says:

    Hi Peter,I think I’ve heard of Stuart Christie, but I can’t remember where. Anyone who planned to assassinate Franco must go down as a good guy.
    Visca Catalunya!!

  21. bingabinga Says:

    I think he was a member of the Angry Brigade in the 70’s and stood trial for it.

  22. Brian Says:

    I checked him out and he seems a bit of a character. He’s running a radical bookshop now. He’s lucky he never went the way of the many Spaniards executed for the same thing.

  23. bingabinga Says:

    You should get the book it’s good.

  24. Louise Says:

    Like yourself, Brian, Stuart Christie is a former student of Langside College. Thought you’d like to know that. Louise x

  25. Brian Says:

    Maybe Langside College was a hotbed of revolution in the 60s. I’ll find out when I read the book – which I’ll be ordering soon.

  26. bingabinga Says:

    It must have been Brian if my Ma,Red Isobel went there too.She was a well know radical and home baking expert.

  27. Brian Says:

    Could it be that the “Home baking” was a front for more sinister activities?

  28. bingabinga Says:

    Hahaha maybe!!

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