Born In The USA

We were at the doctors twice this week for Sarah to get an ultrasound of the baby.It was amazing I know everybody says that but I couldn’t believe how much the baby was moving.Everything looked good .We didn’t find out the sex though we want a surprise.It suddenly hit me though that this was a reality and that I was going to be a Dad and my kid would speak with an American accent.So I have decided I’m not having that and we are moving back tae Scotland in a few weeks.

Naw seriously though I have to get the finger out there is work to be done.I have to get the nursery ready and I have to remove a layer of flooring so that we can get a new hardwood floor down and paint etc etc.Anyway I am going to be busy.

Here is a wee song from The Boss Bruce Springsteen about being born in the USA.

YouTube – Bruce Springsteen – Born in the USA.

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10 Comments on “Born In The USA”

  1. twoforapound Says:

    Oh my god, you’re seriously moving so yer wean disnae talk like a tourist? Quality of life here is probably same as everywhere else. Ye might as well stay there.

    I love ‘Born In The USA’, I think there must be a whole generation of Vietnam orphans and old guys who lost limbs who totally don’t give a fuck aboot politics or Obama or anything.

  2. bingabinga Says:

    Aye I’m moving back I’m no having ma kid talk like a whiny yank.

    I’m joking I don’t care in fact it will be funny.

  3. Fiona Says:

    He/she will call Sarah ‘Mommy’ – hahahahaha (beter than ‘Maw’ right enough).

    On a wee serious not, please be very aware that US doctors have a mssive culture of intervention in childbirth. The US has the highest c-section rate in the world – over 1 in 3 births. A lot of these are due to women having their labour induced before their bodies are ready to give birth cos US doctors like to manage everything and hate the unexpected. They like to give a woman a delivery date and will bring her in and start her labour artificially if she hasn’t delivered by then. I’ve read hundreds of articles and forum posts from women who had horrific experiences after a planned induction of labour in the US. Often they end up labouring for ages and making no progress and the baby ends up getting stressed and THIS is why they end up having a c-section. Birth in the US is a very medicalised process and there’s no need for it to be like that.

    You should investigate if there are any birthing centres near you as these tend to be run by midwives and offer a similar birthing experience to over here. My first birth was HORRENDOUS (planned induction) and my 2 and 3rd were a dream (natural, spontaneous labour and waterbirth).

    I found this wee link – it has loads of info on resources in Seattle and surrounding area

    Sorry if I’m getting evangelical but I believe passionately in a woman’s own ability to labour and birth her child with minimal assistance.

    If you want to know more about my exoperiences I can drop you a wee email – thjink I’ve fambled on enough the now.


  4. Fiona Says:

    That should be ‘R-ambled’ (fambled, fucksake!). I’m watching ‘Happy Gilmore’ while I’ve been typing – ‘suck my white ass BAAAALLLL!!’. I love Adam Sandler, he’s the silliest person on the planet.

  5. Fiona Says:

    Oh aye, I meant to say too – there’s some kind of royalties shit going on over here with youtube so we can’t watch ANY music videos till they come to an agreement (Google’s involved in it too).

    But I’m playing it in my head instead.

  6. twoforapound Says:

    If it’s a girl call it Sandy-Mae.

    If it’s a boy call it Troy.

    Is Sarah nervous (is this your first?), maybe Fiona’s right and let it happen naturally. I assume theyll be able to give pain relief at any point.

    Not that I know, or anything… haha

  7. bingabinga Says:

    I don’t know Fiona I leave all that up to Sarah.Everything is a bit mental here.People here have Dulas or something.We have a good doctor but I appreciate your input.I have heard that about The US that they use C section all the time.I think at the first sign of trouble they are in there.I think they are scared of getting sued I sympathise with them,working in the US healthcare system has shown me that the general public here would sue over anything and there is always a greedy lawyer waiting to take up their case.
    Fucsake whits up wi UTUBE let me know when it’s back on.

    TFP yes it is our first Aye I was thinking of Barack but I also like Wayne.Troy is good though.For a girl BobbyJo sounds nice.

    I am in work I have to go its shite.

  8. twoforapound Says:

    Here, I have a question.

    See in America, is there nae cooncil hooses?

    Someone telt me that the reason there are aw these trailer parks is cos thats the cheapest house people can buy?

  9. Fiona Says:

    I get what you’re saying about the litigation culture that’s rife in the States. Doctors must be shit-scared to touch anyone over there. But KNOWING why they interfere so much disnae make it any better. I’m sure Sarah isn’t daft but it’s so scary the first time that you listen to everyone else instead of listening to your own body. Och, I’m sure it’ll be fine anyway. All that matters is that the baby arrives safely and Sarah’s OK.

    As for names, I suggest the following;

    Boy – Bud, Buzz or Skip

    Girl – Lila-May, Lila-Grace or Lila-Beth

  10. bingabinga Says:

    I like all they names I could imagine what my family would think if I brought over wee Elmer to see them.
    TFP there are some council housing but not much and they are called Low income housing here.There are alot of private landlords some good some bad.Trailer parks though they are usually shite.Like this one

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