Shite Film Alert

88 minutes of my life was stolen this evening as I sat  through a movie called French Film or a Frenchman’s Guide to Love, as it maybe called in Europe.

It is Shite and  annoying,full of whining yuppies living whining yuppie lives.Douglas Henshal and Eric Cantona star in it.They should be fucken ashamed,yes ashamed!!

You owe me 88 minutes of my leisure time!!

You owe me 88 minutes of my leisure time!!

No trouble Eric but it was a shite film.

No trouble Eric but it was a shite film.

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18 Comments on “Shite Film Alert”

  1. twoforapound Says:

    Just watched the trailer for it.

    It’s wan of they films thats got aw these people you know in it, her fae Shameless, him fae Notting Hill, aw they fucking squaky clean arseholes.

    I’m angry at wasting 2 minutes on the trailer so god knows how you feel, having watched it.

  2. Mark Says:

    “When the seagulls follow the trawler, its because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea”. Arsehole, nuff said!

  3. bingabinga Says:

    Thanks for the sympathy.I am still angry with it.

  4. FionaF Says:

    Hahahahaha – that’ll teach ye to get all in touch with your emotions and shite like that. You’ll need to go and see a Michael Bay movie to compensate for watching pretentious pish. Nae sympathy. Nane. Nope. Nuh-uh. Rot.

  5. bingabinga Says:

    It wasn’t me Fiona it was the wife and her sister.I wanted too watch Pineapple Express.
    It was terrible though I would say it was one of the most annoying movies I have seen.

  6. FionaF Says:

    French movies are arty, pretentious piles of crud.

    Gary Cole’s in Pineapple Express – I was just blogging about him the other day. He was a bad m/f in American Gothic. I like him.

  7. bingabinga Says:

    He was in Milk to.
    I saw Pineapple Express it was awright,funny in parts but oh so much better than that shite.

  8. twoforapound Says:

    Everyone should go and watch ‘Groundhog Day’ right noo.

    Cos that’s whit am aboot tae do!

  9. bingabinga Says:

    Then everyday might be the same.Yer messing wi magic there.

  10. twoforapound Says:

    Aw it’s aw harmless.

    I love it when he learns the piano and has to run to the same spot every day to catch the wean that falls oot the tree.

    Oh and by the way – no every French film is pish.

    There’s been a fair few that have made their way over here hoping that the French thing will make it quirky and people will like it – they’re the shite wans.

  11. FionaF Says:

    I LOVE Bill Murray and Groundhog Day is one of his best films – Did you know the wee man that is the mayor, the one that chokes on the steak, is his ACTUAL brother in real life. ALSO in Scrooged he has another brother playing his screen brother in that one.

    ALSO – French films are still a load of old flaps (except A Horseman On The Roof and Cyrano De Bergerac and Nelly & Monsieur Arnaud)

    Och, OK – they’re not ALL pish I suppose 🙂

  12. bingabinga Says:

    My favourite film with Bill Murray in it is Rushmore.I even bought the soundtrack.
    I saw a couple of good French Film’s recently one called Days of glory and the other Blame it on Fidel.
    The shite movie wisnae French it was British set in London

  13. FionaF Says:

    I just realised it was a British film there. I’m a tube.

    Steve enjoyed Rushmore more than I did, not sure why I didn’t take to it, he WAS superb in it. I did like Lost in Translation. His later stuff is far more stretching for him as an actor, he’s gone down the reverse De Niro route.

  14. twoforapound Says:

    I don’t think I’ve seen Rushmore. Or Lost in Translation.

    Recommend them? It was once established years ago that I have in fact only ever seen 4 films.

  15. bingabinga Says:

    Yes Fiona DeNiro is pish now.I was working with a Dr DeNiro the other day no relation though.Bill Murray is good along with Jack Nicholson.DeNiro and Pacino have lost there edge.

    I would watch those movies TFP in the middle of Rushmore a school bully with a Glasgow accent comes in to it.It is one of my favourites.
    Lost in translation is good too.
    Rushmore was done by a director called Wes Anderson who has a few similar movies out his first one was Bottle Rocket which I liked then Rushmore.He also did The Royal Tenebaums but Rushmore was the best.

  16. Fiona Says:

    I was watchinmg ‘Goodefellas’ again the other night and you could slap de Niro for how SHITE he is now. And as for ‘Taxi Driver’ – it takes a stretch to remember it’s the same actor. In fact every time he looks ta himself in a mirror he should slap his OWN face.

    He’s a pie.

  17. Fiona Says:

    Mair spelling mistakes – ‘Happy Gilmore’ needs to be getting turned off, sharpish 🙂

  18. twoforapound Says:

    Aye, ye cannae whack ‘Meet The Parents’…

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