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Another poor Horror Film.

March 28, 2009
Mediocre at best

Mediocre at best

We went to see this film this afternoon,I don’t know why I bother with horror films ,I get sucked in with the trailer every time and every time I am disappointed.This film was mediocre at best.I can only recall about three or four horror films that I think were good these were,The Shining,The Ring,Sesson 9 and White Noise.Oh and I forgot one of my all time favourites The Wicker Man.

Any of you seen a good horror movie you would recommend.


Comic Gold

March 26, 2009

How you doing,Well I am just back from downtown it was alright I had a chicken Kebab and a look around a bookstore.

Anyway that’s not important,look what I got today from my friends at,Yes probably the best comedy to come out of Britain EVER!!!

“The ground shaking impact of The Comic Strip’s anarchic humour rattled the televisions of 1980’s Britain and when the smoke cleared they left a gaping crater that lesser comics are still falling into”

Archie McPherson 1995

I think that quote speaks for itself.

Well I have 26hrs of Comic gold to watch I think I will start with Mr Jolly lives Next Door and maybe move onto an old favourite A Fistful of  Travellers cheques

Tea check,

Biscuits check,

Telly and DVD check,

See ye’s later.


March 26, 2009

Not much going on this week.There are workmen in the house putting in a new shower and repairing some of the floor.We found one of the showers was leaking when we were removing some stuff for getting the new hardwood floors in,so we are now remodeling a lot more than I really wanted.Well at least I am doing my bit for the economy as I am going to be skint soon.

So there is a great deal of banging and drilling  going on.So I’m oot a here I might go downtown today.Downtown to Chinatown.



The Space Needle

The Space Needle

Another nail in the coffin of Catholicism

March 22, 2009

Why the Pope opposes condoms

The article above is about why the Pope came out and disagreed with the use of Condoms too stop the spread of Aids.It doesn’t really tell me why he opposes it except something about Thou Shall not Kill and Family values.I was raised Catholic and attended a Catholic primary school and non denominational high school.I made my confirmation and communion and  growing up it was an important part of life.I have now more or less cut off my links to the Catholic church not because I felt strongly against it but really through laziness and always finding something better to do than go to church.I have never really spoke out against Catholicism probably because I felt that we were a minority in Scotland and enough people spoke out about us anyway.

Recently though the more out of touch the catholic church becomes the more it pisses me off.I realise now that I am an atheist and I feel quite strongly against many aspects of organised religion,especially right wing fundamentalism which is prevalent here in America and which the Catholic Church appears now to be leaning towards more.There was a bishop who came out and said that if you voted for Obama you could not take communion as it was a vote for abortion.Nutcase!

I do believe there have been many decent people in the Catholic Church,there have been good priests also,for example Oscar Romero who stood up against the Right Wing dictatorships of Central America and the American backed paramilitaries in the early eighties.John Paul II came out and criticized these priests for their actions,which is another reason I find myself against the Catholic Church.Oscar Romero was murdered by agents of the El Salvadorean government in 1980.

Many priests were sent to concentration camps in occupied Europe for their criticism of the Nazis.I have great respect for these men but I find myself now having little respect for the catholic church especially when it comes out with mumbo jumbo on why Africans should not use condoms.

Condoms are the devils work.

Condoms are the devils work.

Read more about Oscar Romero

Óscar Romero – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Oscar Romero


A Film

March 21, 2009

I watched this film the other day it was a good thriller about immigration and criminals,It is set in Ireland and is well done.If you want a DVD that isn’t a waste of money I recommend this one.

I am off the weekend not really got any plans,whit are you guys up tae?

Hardwood Floor Singer

March 18, 2009

YouTube – Daniel Shalgau – Casa pe Stanca.

This is the latest music video of the guy who is doing my hardwood floors he sent it to me for my enjoyment.He is from Romania I never knew he was a Musician.Good luck too him,I mean if he is good at the hardwood floors and can sing what can the guy not do.

I hope you can see it as I hear you can’t watch music videos on youtube in the UK just now

St Patrick’s Day

March 17, 2009

Awright,Happy St Patrick’s Day,I know it isn’t a big deal over in Scotland but let me tell you,over here it is massive,it is probably bigger for people going out than New Years.I used to go out with the masses and get full of it too.I used too even request a day off if I was working it,and why not I was a single man with some Irish roots and was St Patrick not from Old Kilpatrick anyway.

Awright I'm fae Old Kilpatrick

Awright I'm fae Old Kilpatrick

I don’t go out now on St Patricks day I gave up the drink a few years ago, I don’t miss it,it’s bedlam anyway aw these mad people running about steaming.Don’t get me wrong I still celebrate it.Tommorow we will have a few friends over and cook corned beef and cabbage and I will watch my favourite Irish film,it’s called Mickeybo and Me,I recommend it if you haven’t seen it.

I get fed up wi all the stereotype shite anyway when I think of Ireland or Scotland I think of things like this.

I've been there.

I've been there.

Not This



So there you have it,I’m having  a quiet one.None of the drunken shennigans for me,I’m getting too old for it anyways.Whatever you’re doing I hope you have a good day.