Snow again!!!

Go away!!

Go away!!

Day off the day,was going too play golf but this is what I wake up to.Is the winter ever going to end.Come January/February it just get’s ye doon so it does.

I hope this is the last of it.

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3 Comments on “Snow again!!!”

  1. bingabinga Says:

    The snows away now.Its pishing doon.

  2. FionaF Says:

    Supposed to snow here later the day. It’s been the coldest winter for years here, getting fed up with it now. I never thought I’d say that cos I HATE the summer. I mean I actually HATE it. Too hot, too much daylight, evey bastard is crabbit as fuck, folk out having barbecues till 3 in the morning and playing fucking ABBA records and singing out of tune in a fucking drunk screech, dust everywhere, too hot tae sleep, too LIGHT tae sleep, feeling obligated to be OUTSIDE so ye canny justify watching a movie that ye fancy or sit on the laptop, every bastard meal is salad and ye canny eat anything fattening cos you’re cutting about in wee tops and stuff, weans are off school FOREVER so they eventually get fed-up and start planning to kill ye, ye canny go about incognito cos folk are about and SEE ye.

    Och the whole thing is just pish, so it is.

    I wish I lived in Alaska.

  3. bingabinga Says:

    I like the winter too Fiona but I get a bit depressed with it come this time.The Summers get to hot at times here too.I hate putting sunscreen on and I get hayfever.Spring/Autumn or as it is called here fall is the best.
    Alaska is full of big bears and that’s just the women

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