Sometimes I like driving around  the Highways listening to some good old American Rock.Here is one of my favourites.

YouTube – Kansas – “Carry On Wayward Son” 1976 Video.

My favourite road to drive around is Aurora avenue or Highway99 as it is also called.You can get anything you want on Aurora Avenue from a plumber to a prostitute from a haircut to heroin.Anything goes it’s my favourite road it reminds me of America from the 70’s like  a Kojak episode or something.Here are a couple of photos taken from Aurora.

Aurora Avenue drugs,guns the American dream.

It's a fucking disgrace our kids are exposed to this kind of spelling

It's a fucking disgrace our kids are exposed to this kind of spelling

Get yer 12 guage pump action shotguns.

Get yer 12 guage pump action shotguns.

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33 Comments on “Driving”

  1. Mark Says:

    Like tae listen and watch this wee number, before burnin some rubber roond the island in the vectra. Gets the adrenaline pumpin….enjoy………… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIYDOXMW130

  2. bakerka23 Says:

    I only passed my test 5 years ago. I was pregnant with Stuart and it was my 1st attempt. I had to sit it in an automatic cos I just canny get the hang of a clutch (I’m such a fanny) but I only got 2 minor faults so I was quite chuffed.

    I love it when I get the chance (very rarely nowadays) to drive somewhere ALONE. The CD gets cranked up tae full volume and I’m away wi’ it 🙂

    Favourite driving songs are;

    Kasabian – ‘Club Foot’
    808 State – ‘Pacific State’
    The Associates – ‘Party Fears Two’
    Ian Brown – ‘F.E.A.R’
    Blur – ‘Song 2’ (woo hoo!)
    Chamillionaire – ‘Ridin’ Dirty’
    Ferry Corsten – ‘Fire’
    Pendulum – ‘Slam’
    Rolling Stones – ‘Gimme Shelter’
    Radiohead – ‘Just’
    Hard-Fi – ‘Living for the Weekend’
    Editors – ‘Bullets’
    Interpol – ‘Stella was a Diver etc.’

    Och, I’ve loads more but I’m getting boring now. Do you ever feel, when you’re driving, that you could just keep going and going? (or does that just happen once you’ve got a houseful of weans and canny hear yourself think 🙂 )

    I was astonished at those pictures, by the way. The American Dream, hahahaha!

  3. Mark Says:

    one more try…its worth it!!!! Bit ah classic cinematography spliced wae ma favourite headbangers…………….

  4. bingabinga Says:

    Mark mate I was burning some rubber the other day.I was stopped at the lights on Aurora Avenue and there were aw these Hispanic guys on the corner shouting at the traffic and flashing gang signs and stuff.So as the lights changed I rolled down the windae and shouted”Fucking Govan Team”and Zoom I was out of there,they shat it.
    Motorhead Ace of Spades great driving tune,those streets in Sanfransisco that Steve McQueen is driving around I have driven on them many times in fact he is on one of the roads I took to work.

    Fiona I like driving around America I suppose it is the land of the roadtrip I never drove in Scotland I took some lessons but gave up.The normal here is Automatic so it is easier and they are not as strict with you in the test.
    I also like Steely Dan and The Doors they have some right good driving tunes.

  5. Mark Says:

    Maximum respect Peter bro!!! Next time yoor cruizin the ghetto make sure they don`t wag da pistol at you. Those gangsta`s can hold a grudge if insulted in da hood!!!

  6. bingabinga Says:

    It’s awright Mark I just wag ma pump action shotgun at them I got a new one fae WalMart.

  7. twoforapound Says:

    That road where ye can get anything…

    This is a serious request.

    I’m looking for a musical photie album that plays ‘Ave Maria’.

    FInd that and I’ll be impressed.

  8. bingabinga Says:

    I will do my damnedest TFP maybe in some of the Hispanic stores I will let you know.

  9. bingabinga Says:

    I was looking for your photoalbum on line TFP and found this.


  10. twoforapound Says:

    Oh. My. God.

    I fucking love it! You can get Ave Maria one’s anaw!

    Sooo tempted, I need to phone my auntie!

  11. FionaF Says:

    I love tat. My Dad was at Lourdes once (he’s an atheist, he just went out of curiosity) and he brought me a St Bernadette grotto-scene snowstorm with a calendar underneath. Worst lookin thing you ever saw. It was made of the cheapest blue plastic and the wee grotto scene looked like it had been painted by blind murderers on acid.

    Aye TFP – your bluff has surely been called. 🙂

  12. bingabinga Says:

    I like all that stuff to I like looking around auld Junk shops and buying shite my wife goes mad though.She hates clutter.

  13. Louise Says:

    Hey Peter, the spelling in America is shocking. I need to come over there and sort them all out. I made a nice wee rice puddin in the slow cooker on sunday and mades pancakes last night. Kids fair enjoyed makin pancakes. Have you made anything nice lately? Hope you and Sarah are both well. I see my daft husband has been posting motorhead on here. I’m surprised he’s not written an account of the time he met Lemmy!! Love Louise xx

  14. twoforapound Says:

    Haha, it was a serious request.

    To cut a long story short, my mums cousin from England was always looking for one of these Ave Maria photoalbums. Why? Right, don’t laugh. Her mother died and she refused to look at the photies of the flowers, graveside unless it was in a photo album that played Ave Maria.

    Naw, I’m no joking.

    So that’s where it aw began. Aunties going tae Spain and phoning us saying they think they’ve found one in a market. Everywhere we went, we had to look up Yellow Pages and phone photographic suppliers to see if they stocked any. My da even tried to make one (don’t ask…)

  15. bingabinga Says:

    This makes the quest even more important,I will keep looking.

  16. twoforapound Says:

    Don’t mean to sound like a heartless swine, but the woman who was so adamant on getting this photo album, well, she’s deid noo.

    I’m no really talking tae my family but I suppose it’d complete my life if I were to find one.

  17. bingabinga Says:

    Louise I made Chana Masala the other night or Chickpea Curry for Our Oscar Party as some of the guests were vegan I made it in the slow cooker too.I have just started using the slow cooker it was a wedding present.It is great you just throw everything in and turn it on for about 8hrs and you have a meal,it is great for lazy people like maself.That’s right it was pancake Tuesday yesterday,I eat pancakes for breakfast here sometime’s.
    Did Mark meet Lemmy?nae wonder ye married him.
    Sarah is doing well she is over the morning sickness
    Hope yer all well.

  18. bingabinga Says:

    Ach well TFP maybe she’s sick of hearing Ave Maria up in heaven.
    If a see one I will let you know.

  19. twoforapound Says:

    Peter – cannae manage tae get yer photo of a fry up, but the word is that theres a photie of a dogs dinner on my blog lol

  20. Mark Says:

    Peter it was awesome, especially those facial warts. QMU Glasgow 1987, never forget it. Also met the drummer Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor. Got the ticket and autographs framed tae pass on tae the boy, when ma time comes!!!
    Whits yoor recipe fir the chickpea curry? Got a big 8 litre slow cooker before christmas!

  21. bingabinga Says:

    I met the Manic Street Preachers at King Tuts before they were half famous.I recently was sitting eating Pizza next to Robin Williams.None of these compare to meeting Lemmy.You must be right proud to have someting like that to pass oan to the boy.
    I will phone you with the recipe Mark.Have you got a fax in the house?

  22. stevie Says:

    YOu met the Manics?

    You sure about that big yin? I do remember Scott kind of cavorting with Richie onstage but…

    I might have been in the bogs right enough.

  23. bingabinga Says:

    Well I saw them up close but Robin Williams oh aye Billy Connolly too I did see them in public and spoke to the Big Yin

  24. equivalence Says:

    Scott will still mention the fact that he was up on the stage with the Manics at Tuts. I actually didn’t believe it to be true at first, I just thought he was bullshitting me until Alec independently confirmed it years later.

    For about 2 months after that gig all I heard for days on end was Motown Junk played loud on repeat. On reflection it is now a bit clearer why they became my favourite band…………

  25. Mark Says:

    Nae fax am afraid. Email it tae yer mam or we`ll get it the next time yer on the fone!!! Need tae stop this Glasgae patter. Soundin like a James Kelman novel!

  26. bingabinga Says:

    Scott is Richie Manic they changed place’s on stage that night.

  27. equivalence Says:

    I always wondered why he appeared a little more educated after that night 😉

  28. stevie Says:

    all yir braggin about famous people is a bit sad compared to my own brushes with the celeb world…

    To take just one example, In the school I’m currently working in I’m being served my lunch by the chief dinner wummin, Moira, who is the wife of Jim Traynor.

    I don’t see this a big deal myself, I just get on with things.

    No doubt you losers would drop yir caramel cake at the very thought of it.

  29. bingabinga Says:

    Dae you get Caramel Shortbread in yer canteen,now that’s something to brag about.
    The famous Caramel shortbread you don’t know how lucky you are,do you have it with Custard?

    Jim Traynor he’s a nobody when you compare him to the late great Jimmy Sanderson.

  30. stevie Says:

    nae caramel shortbread. There’s something called Belmont Pie though which will bring back some pretty mingin memories. Mince covered with a sort of biscuity pastry.

    Never mind Jimmy Sanderson. Andy Roxburgh’s da used to fancy my granny.

  31. bingabinga Says:

    Belmont Pie sounds grand.
    I remember all that going on up the Findhorn flats.

  32. stevie Says:

    Ol’ roxy was awight, we were forever telling my granny to get herself in there. She was having none of it though. We might have got over his son’s pish excuses about Costa Rica, Cyprus and the rest but she never did.

    My granny was awright.

  33. bingabinga Says:

    Stevie mate yer granny was Tartan Army through and through.

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