The End of the World Tune

YouTube – Jam For World In Action-Shawn Phillips- Instrumental Only.

Do you remember this tune?I fell upon it yesterday when I was skiving in work.It reminds me of being scared of nuclear war as a kid in the 80’s.It still has an affect on me when I hear it now as if something bad is going to happen.

This would be my end of the world song I could imagine some crazy organist blaring this out as the 4 minute warning wails.

How about you guy’s any favourite end of the world tunes?

It's the end of the world!

It's the end of the world!

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25 Comments on “The End of the World Tune”

  1. stevie Says:

    Don’t quite get how World in Action reminds you of the end of the world to be honest but this is the original of my favourite current affairs tune. (push it to 2.40)

  2. bingabinga Says:

    Stevie it reminds me of the threat of Nuclear War in the 80,s something I had a real fear of as a kid growing up during the cold war.This tune was the intro of a current affairs programme that I regularly watched at that time,which could be about Nuclear War or other topics that were relevant at that time.That my Friend is the link.

    World in Action tune/Nuclear War/End of the World,simple Stevie

  3. bingabinga Says:

    Stevie what was that from was it a Sunday night it was on.I remember the tune but I can’t think of the programme.

  4. stevie Says:

    Weekend World.

    At lunchtime.

    This was also on during the cold war.

    However it reminds me of ham and eggs.

  5. bingabinga Says:

    That right Stevie good tune,Funnily enough I am having ham and eggs right now.Mental mate.

  6. stevie Says:

    If you remember though, I was always a loyal supporter of nuclear warfare, that’s probably the difference.

  7. bingabinga Says:

    I know Stevie and I was a goddamn Commie CND supporting lout of a boy.It was a wonder we were ever friends.Remember when you walked int your house their was a picture of Maggie Thatcher next to the one of your other hero Noel Edmonds.

  8. stevie Says:

    speaking of noel edmonds….

    don’t mess with an angry noel, man. Ha ha.


  9. bingabinga Says:

    Stevie,Noel Edmonds is David Brent.Did you see wee Keith sitting on the sofa nodding with approval.

  10. Mark Says:

    Listen to what those masters of Canadian rock had to say on the subject…….

  11. bingabinga Says:

    Great song and video Mark I hear that video won awards at the time.Spirit of the Radio ye cannae beat that one.

  12. bakerka23 Says:

    Here’s a spooky coincidence – I was lying in bed this morning thinking ‘imagine some nutter launched a first-strike on the UK and I’m just lying here and see the mushrooms going up like in terminator 2’. I totally ended up freaking myself out cos then I remembered that film ‘The Day After’ starring Jason Robards (not to be confused with ‘The Day After TOMORROW’ starring Dennis Quaid) Did you ever see it? Absolutely, totally, terrifying beyond belief. I saw it in my teens and it scarred me for life. The worst bit was the woman in the hospital that had just had a baby and there she was with her wee baby and the whole world was a radiactive hell-hole and the hospital was all blown up and there was no power and it was full of folk with melted faces. I saw it again recently (masochist) and that scene affected me even more because it was relevent to me. The idea of a vulnerable, precious little newborn in such a horrifying, dirty envirnment made me cry **blushes at own pathetic-ness**

    Sorry, got a bit overwrought there.

    World in Action was good, I don’t know why they stopped making it. Remember the documentary show that had the guy with the all the arms and legs in the opening credits? Think it was from a Michaelangelo drawing or a Da Vinci thing. Was that ‘Man Alive’? I remember it too, it had James Burke as one of the reporters. I also recall ‘Nationwide’ with Frank Bough (the kinky wee devil). My parents were very turned on by factual shows. They lived for Panorama and stuff like that.

    Old, old, old, old, wummin 😀

  13. bakerka23 Says:

    Just found the wee picture I was havering about there. It’s called Vitruvian man;

    Scary looking bugger.

  14. bingabinga Says:

    I remember that movie Fiona also Threads I watched that one a year or so ago it was still quite good.I went through periods of anxiety when I was young due to the threat of Nuclear War.Grown up in the 80’s wasn’t the best of times with a crap economy into the bargain.
    Thank god we had bands like Spandau Ballet and Kajagoogoo to keep us strong yeah.
    Was that picture from Weekend World the one Stevie mentioned or Man Alive.There is a good World in action on youtube it is about the British prison system from 1979.There was one on ITV called TV eye or something as well.
    Have a good weekend.

    Fiona the picture of vitruvian man is from World In Action

  15. Louise Says:

    This is my “end of the world” song and video. Not sure about the references to the bible, don’t want people to think I’m posting right wing propaganda!! Just love this song and think the video is fairly good. James is quite into MASH these days. It was in-service days at school and he was round at mum and dad’s and they watched it. Thought his uncle Peter would approve of his viewing. I had a crazy dream last night that you and Sarah had triplets!!! Must of had too much cava!! Lookin forward to old firm tomorrow, although it will be hard, but I think we’ll win it by the odd goal. Louise xx

  16. bakerka23 Says:

    Peter, did I ask you your age before? Something tells me you’re 36 but not sure why (nutter). I’d forgotten about Weekend World as well. The 80’s were grim right enough. My kids can’t even envisage a time before SKY tv, the internet and DVD’s. I love to tell David stuff about when I was a kid. He’s fascinated when I tell him that phones were joined to the wall with a wire and we only had one TV and it was black & white and in the winter it used to snow loads and we got frost INSIDE the windows because there was no central heating in the house. Aye, those were the days…

    I loved Spandau, although my mum used to noise me up by saying that Tony Hadley was gay. Uncharacteristically cruel of her, that was.

  17. stevie Says:

    louise that’s a belter of a song.

    He was apparently ‘marketed’ did you know, the record co. wanting their own good looking Bob Dylan to take advantage of the times.
    Worth it though

  18. stevie Says:

    Peter was also a massive fan of spandau ballet, or ‘The Spand’ as he called them.

  19. Louise Says:

    No Stevie, I didn’t know he was marketed. I loved that song for years and just always took it that it was Bob Dylan until a friend set me straight a number of years ago.

  20. bingabinga Says:

    Me and Sarah were listening to Spandau Ballet doing the housework the other day Fiona I was amazed at how many of the lyrics I knew I was belting them out so I was.I am a young 38 by the way.
    Stevie you bought between the barricades by The Spand if my memory serves me right.
    Louise this is one of my favourite memories of the 80,s.When you were 6 Ronald Reagan was being inaugurated and they were letting off cannons.Me and Michael said that was them firing the nuclear bombs off and you ran out crying to Dad.
    I told Sarah that and she said we were rotten.Sorry about that.
    I always liked that song to.I think it will be a close one tommorow.
    I am in work I will talk to you soon Peter xx

  21. stevie Says:

    You’re right, Binga. And if only that was my most embarassing teenage moment then I’d have done alright…

    Will be close tomorrow, aye. I’m gonna just listen on the radio. Really can’t be bothered with pubs these days and I’ll be on my way back from Dunoon at the time anyway. In the unlikely event of it being a cracker I’ll nip in somewhere.

    Good luck to everyone.

    Except the good ol’ gers.

  22. bingabinga Says:

    Stevie,Spandau Ballet were not the worst.Sounds like a shite game.

  23. stevie Says:

    ‘the worst in living memory’ according to the radio. Glad I missed it.

  24. Louise Says:

    I can verify that it was the worst old firm game in my living memory….well maybe not the worst, getting hammered by Huns 5-1 in 1980s was worse. Very boring, and I was there, crowd very subdued, didnt feel like an old firm game at all. Two crap teams playin out a 0-0 draw. Peter, don’t feel guilty, I have no recollection of you and Michael doing that, hahaha. Take care xx.

  25. bingabinga Says:

    It sounds like a stinker I haven’t been watching many games but I think the standard of the old firm has been poor this season.They should award the title to the third placed team.

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