Ivor Cutler – Do You Remember When You Were Young?

YouTube – Ivor Cutler – Do You Remember When You Were Young?.

This is a great tune using Ivor Cutlers voice this is worth listening to even if you do not appreciate Auld Ivor

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2 Comments on “Ivor Cutler – Do You Remember When You Were Young?”

  1. Mark Says:

    Interesting stuff, had never heard of him.
    Reading a good book at the moment “Granny made me an Anarchist” by Stuart Christie, dont know if you`ve read it? Its a bio of this guy from Partick Glasgow who became an anarchist at a young age in the 1960`s, then heads off to Spain to help an anti-fascist group assassinate Franco. He got arrested in Madrid and ended up being sentenced to 20 years, narrowly missing the death sentence. He was only 18 at the time. Don`t want to spoil the story too much but he ends up getting back to the UK in the 70`s, and is connected with the anarchist group “The Angry Brigade”. The character Nicky in the TV series Our Friends in the North joins an anarchist group in the 70`s based on the TAB. Recommend this book, can`t get my head around fiction these days.
    The bizarre thing is your mum knew Stuart Christie as they both attended Langside college in the early 60`s!

  2. bingabinga Says:

    Mark that book sounds great.I will have to get a copy.I know I find it hard to read Fiction these days.I like recent history,That’s funny my mum went to Langside College with him.
    Ivor Cutler is a bit of a character.

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