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We went to the pictures again this afternoon.The reason we are going so much is we usually go to someones Oscar Party and it isn’t as fun if you have not seen the films that are nominated.I think we may be hosting  an Oscar Party this year.The Americans love the Oscars it really is a big deal ,people dress up there are parties everywhere,I quite like it.

The Reader is a fine Film it is both tragic and thought provoking.It is about a 16yr old boy  who has an affair with an Ex SS concentration camp guard played by Kate Winslett.The movie is set in 1958 and then covers the next 30yrs of the characters lives.It  gives you a better understanding of how the German people must have felt and the horrible position they were put in by their Fascist leaders.I recommend this film and can see why it is nominated for Oscars.It is based on a book by Bernhard Schlink.


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16 Comments on “The Reader”

  1. will Says:

    dear bingabinga, how you doing? I actually thought after your previous bingabinga normans ,that you would have a mention about this film. I havent seen it yet but looking forward to it. Im reading the book at mo but want to finish it before i see the film!

    on the subject of that bingabinga have you read any books before seeing the film and been disapointed or visa versa?

    ? Ma fav was bram strokers Dracula which just for the fact it was so auld and there was loads of references to places that are oan ma doorstep. or roon the corner. IE…this auld boozer the spaniards v nearby which is kin centuries auld and still serving.

    av no read frankenstein yet but av heard the park mains gets a mention!!

    wullie the fang!

  2. bingabinga Says:

    I hear Mr Glen’s physics classroom is mentioned in that Willie.
    I am trying to think Willie about books before the movie.I remember I read Alex Garland’s The Beach and I thought The Movie by Danny Boyle was pretty good.I have to think about that Wullie.
    I read a lot of Non Fiction these days I like Simon Winchester as an author.One of the best books I have read recently is called Journey into Darkness by a guy called Anthony Faramus it is out of print but I got an old copy.It is his story of being caught on Jersey by the Nazi,s in WWII and being shipped to a concentration camp it is excellent and should be a movie, will.If you get over here I will give you it.
    Yer up late mate,see ye,Peter

  3. stevie Says:

    Really liked The Beach book. Thought the film was shite

    Fight Club book is one of my favourites, much better than the film even though I quite enjoyed it.

    Really liked the book ‘Young Adam’, not so keen on the film with ewan hello i’m a fanny mcgregor.

    Loved Animal Farm. Not so keen on Lamont Farm. Attracted all sorts that place.

    Wullie what dae yae think of The Drive-By Truckers. If yae don’t know them they’re probably right up your street.

  4. bingabinga Says:

    I was a member of Lamont farm Stevie.That’s where we got our bastard pet rabbit from.My Da took it away never to be seen again because it kept biting people.
    I haven’t read any of Chuck Palahniuck’s stuff but I hear it is all very good is his latest one Choke not a film now?

  5. Will Says:

    Stevie ive actually got this auld framed concert poster in my hall of the black crowes live at the cynthia woods memorial hall(wherever that is, bingabinga, how you doing? will probably know) but at the bottom support is from robert randolph and the family band and the drive by truckers……ive never listened to them but i just you-tubed them a min ago and..yeah, your right once again!! Youve always had a great ear Stevie!!! Is there any particular album you recommend from them???

  6. stevie Says:

    ha ha cheers wullie. I’ve got three of them, I’d say they’re all equally good. Maybe ‘Between A Blessing and a Curse’ is best but last year’s ‘Brighter than Creation’s Dark is a belter as well.

    I have to say I’m easing myself quite comfortably into, ahem, middle-age with a lot of american stuff you’re probably a fan of like Elliot Smith, Bright Eyes, Midlake and The National.

    I actually don’t know if it’s age that makes me want to hunt down the Pigeon Detectives and shoot them or just a sense of moral duty we all kind of have.

    Aye Peter I saw a clip of Choke and it looked really corny compared to the novel to be honest so I gave it a miss.

  7. Will Says:

    Cheers Stevie, ill be checking them out. Funnilly enough im actually burning Elliott Smiths New Moon album onto my mac right this sec!!! I was luckily enough to see him in London before he died. I had a bright eyes album, which i never really got into but i do that, im sure ill get round to it again….i had Cat Power’s ”The Greatest” for 3 years and now cant stop playing it. Havent heard of Midlake and the National but on your recomends(you did give me the Pumpkins and You am i after all!!) ill be sure tae search it out!

    Im Liking My Morning Jackets, Evil Urges album. The Shins, Wincing the night away album and the debut fae The Fleet Foxes att!!


  8. stevie Says:

    Aye my sister has the Cat Power one, I liked it masel and my nephew is turning me on to MMJ and Fleet Foxes the now. I’ll check oot Evil Urges and Shins.

    Would loved to have seen Elliot Smith before he passed away.

    The Smashing Pumpkins? Jeez man that must have been years ago…

  9. stevie Says:

    ah, that’s an album name? Ok

  10. Will Says:

    pumpkins were pre oz! Yeah Wincing the night away by the shins is WELLLLLL worth getting!

  11. bingabinga Says:

    A band who are very good are A Band Of Horses I know you like them Willie.
    Soufjan stevens is good also.

  12. Will Says:

    Dear Bingabinga, how you doing? Back on the film theme, have you seen the Diving bell and the butterfly?? I Just watched it. Very good movie!!!!

  13. bingabinga Says:

    No I haven’t Will but I have it on my netflix list.I am still in work 3hrs to go these 13 hr shifts are like a marathon at times.Same again tommorow then I am off for 3days so its alright.
    The Inlaws are coming for a week up from SF,it’s good though they are nice and they always take us out and stuff.
    Its good hearing from you Willie.
    The Movies I have to see to complete my Ocar movie watch are,Slumdog Millionaire,The Wrestler and Benjamin Button.

  14. Will Says:

    Dear bingabinga, how you doing? Well its a pain in the fckn erse here at the moment. snaw snaw fkn snaw…..Im trying tae sell a flat and this dosnae help get people through the door at all. Got so pissed aff wae it bingabinga, Ive booked a trip to get away. Im off tae Vietnam next Wednesday till the 1st March. Just gonna travel from North to South, Looking forward tae it! Hopefully i can come back to a sold flat and start making plans!

    Well a hope you enjoy your 3 days aff amigo. Sounds like youll be busy though wae the outlaws!

    Aye, a thoroughly recommend The Diving bell and the butterfly, av seen slumdog which was alright, quite enjoyable i suppose. The wrestler and auld benny button i want tae catch tae. Also theres 2 other movies that were out last year but are supposed to be must see material…..these are next on ma list. 4months, 3 weeks and 2 days – just won bbc4 world cinema film of the year and Persopolis was shortlisted tae along wae diving bell.

    Good tae here fae yerself tae bingabinga and Stevie as well!!!

    anyhows as they say, catch you later big yin and take it easy!

  15. bingabinga Says:

    Willie I saw both those movies Persopolis is great and shows life in Iran over the last 30yrs it is in animation a good movie though.4 months etc is a good movie but a total downer it is a Romanian movie set in Communist Romania I think iin 1987 it was one of they movies we all left the cinema in silence.
    Both are worh watching.Enjoy Vietnam have a bowl of Pho for me I love that stuff.

  16. stevie Says:

    I liked Persopolis as well, Binga. Another animation I saw and enjoyed a lot last year was Waltz With Bashir.

    But there’s something about a film that calls itself ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ that makes me want to do some damage.

    Enjoy your holiday, Wullie.

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