It,s funny I was reminiscing with someone recently he didn,t remember me but thats alright,but it actually made me quite nostalgic for the old place that I grew up in.Some people thought it was rough and unsophisticated but there were a lot of good people who lived there  and still do.I took my wife Sarah through the shopping centre once and she thought it was a bit as Americans say ghetto,but its different when you know everyone in a place and they all know you,Anyway I found a few photographs of the place for your enjoyment.I really enjoy having this wee blog.

Where my friend worked and where I shoplifted

Where my friend Rossco worked and where I shoplifted

My second home

My second home

Old Tories,delivered newspapers for them,son was a weirdo

Old Tories,delivered newspapers for them,son was a weirdo

they learned me grammar here.

they learned me grammar here.

Sick lines fae Dr Hammond

Sick lines fae Dr Hammond

Ah that was nice a wee journey back to my hometown,a place where you could leave yer door unlocked,a neighbourly place.Maybe its time I went back for a visit.

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32 Comments on “Bargarran”

  1. Marky Says:

    Awright Big Pedro good to see yer doing well for yersel still aff the bevvy fucksake never thought i,d see that.I as ye can see the auld Bar G has no changed haha Im still knocking oot a spar.Anyway we aw miss ye mate aye an congratulesins.keep in touch.

  2. stevie Says:

    I see they took the bench awey fae ootside the library.


    I fell aff it wan night wasted and split my heid open.

  3. Bingabinga Says:

    I know Stevie happy memories have you been down there recently.

    Good to hear from you Marky knock a pkt a Mr Kiplings for me.

  4. Louise Says:

    Oh that takes me back. Mind you used to hang about the chippy and dad used to go mental about it. Must take a wee trip back myself one day. I sent you a thing from youtube laughin at rangers. Hope sarah is well.

    Love Louise xx

  5. stevie Says:

    Louise did you know that midweek in the chippy days peter would tell yer da that he was off to parkheid and yer da would fund his mission with a few quid. But peter wid stay doon the chippy instead and spend yir da’s cash on fags and shiny shoes, and wait till I’d get back fae the match and then spill ma details tae yir da.

    i blame the auld board myself.

  6. Mark Says:

    Peter your wife Sarah was right, Bargarran looks like a Ghetto! Glenrothes recently won the Carbuncle Award for the whole of Scotland. I really think Bargarran could push it a close second? I`ve been too used to the impressive architecture of Rothesay over these past few years: such as the Ritz Disco, the Ettrick Bay Tearoom and the Burger Bar hut (beside the putting green).
    All the best Louise`s Mark.

  7. bingabinga Says:

    I know Stevie I think hinging about the shops was more enjoyable than going to Parkheid in those days especially when ye were in the CWC.
    Louise,Mark I just found these random pictures brilliant aren,t they.The auld hood,who would have thought a boy wi 5 Ogrades and 20 quid in his pocket fae these mean streets could make it in America.Hahaha.Hope yer well say hello to James and Sophie.

  8. will Says:

    dear bingabinga, how you doing. Dae yi never hanker fir a kingrib supper????

  9. stevie Says:

    Whit was really better on a cold wednesday night…?

    standing in the jungle watching the maestro and tommy burns


    hanging aboot a chippy listening to robbso talking aboot standing on people’s heids and alex kennedy talking aboot, well, himself.

    I think we need a poll for this wan….

  10. bingabinga Says:

    It was funny at times though Stevie.
    Willie I hanker after a Pizza Crunchie supper.

  11. smiddy Says:

    Awright Binga whos this King Rossco caracter I saw he wiz mouthing aff aboot Bargarran.Ma uncle sez he nos ye GYT

  12. Louise Says:

    Imagine doin that to Dad! He’d have been aw proud that his boy was goin to follow the hoops and u go and spend it on pizza suppers and fags. Shocking!!! What do you make of Mark the Bishy boy slaggin Erskine? I know what the CWC wud have done wi him!! I’m wi Stevie Tommy Burns and the Maestro over aw they wee fannies any day.

    Louise xx

  13. bingabinga Says:

    Don,t let that out it is something I would rather keep quiet.I feel slightly embarrassed by that.The Pizza Krunchies were good though and at least I,ve gave up the fags.

    Wiz your Mark in the Young Bish.Ye widny hiv merried him if a new tht.

  14. Lynn Says:

    I know it’s your home and you have fond memories of it but it looks like hell.

  15. bingabinga Says:

    That is probably why none of us live there anymore but it was alright at times Lynn.Then again I haven,t been back there for sometime so you usually forget the bad things about a place.

  16. alex kennedy Says:

    see this shirt it cost 60 quid so it did and stays shiny for months and the burds love it but I cannae wear it cos i saw a wee guy in paisley with it oan and it’d just be too embarrassing in fact I might go and find him and knock his heid in by the way how good is thar rick astley single hey where’s everybody gaun

  17. stevie Says:

    Aye nae bother Alex although I have to say Robbso on his day could be comedy genius, wonder where is now, although I’ve got a pretty good idea…

    anyway speaking of erskine I’m off to a lecture by a couple of ex-guantanamo prisoners and a guard. I know it’s all fun and games with me intit it

  18. bingabinga Says:

    Stevie the last a saw Robbso he was following the Orange Walk up the town and was living in Dennistoun.Thats was about 10yrs ago.Aye he was scary but very funny at times.

    Enjoy the lecture.

  19. stevie Says:

    a sad day when robbso’s following an orange walk.

    The walk should be following him.

  20. fiona Says:

    Peter, what’s the script wi you and Rossco? Was it a wind-up or was he really having a go? I was feart!

    I grew up in Kilwinning – scariest place imaginable.

  21. fiona Says:

    Glad to see you’ve turned moderation on – keeps the scary redneck trolls out!!!

  22. bingabinga Says:

    Fiona I am sorry to say that it wasn,t a wind up.I shouldn,t have said those hypocritcal things about Scotland as I had my fair share of drunken altercations when I lived there and I do love the place in a Love/Hate kinda way.
    Although Rossco attacked me ferociously so I had to come back with something.I do remembr him working in Spar but that,s all.The matter is closed for me and I should have just ignored it.
    You can take the boy oot a Bargarran but ye cannae take the Blah blah blah,Anyway good to hear from you.

  23. fiona Says:

    Hmm, I thought it was serious but you can never tell, that’s the trouble with communicating in writing – you have no way of determining the other persons’s tone 😦

    I’ve been incommunicado for ages – too much to do and no enough hours in the day.

    How’s Sarah?

  24. bingabinga Says:

    She is fine the nausea is getting better.She is sleeping a lot just now but I believe that is normal we are both very excited her next appointment is on the 9thFeb..
    When do you start your OU course in Engish Lit.My sister Louise who comes on here did that at Glasgow and is an English teacher,well she is an assistant head teacher now but that,s what she taught.

    I learned my lesson about arguing on the internet,Limmys blog is very good and entertaining but it is not for the faint hearted.I think I will keep my mouth shut next time.

  25. fiona Says:

    Glad she’s weathered the nausea, pregnancy really is much better from now up until the last 4 weeks or so when you pee all the time and sleep is a dim and distant memory (think it’s nature’s way of preparing you for the first 3 months of new parenthood LOL!). The sleeping a lot thing is totally normal – I used to doze off in the middle of my tea some nights!!!

    My course starts in September but I’ve ordered the books off the reading list so I’ve read them and I’m ahead of the game. I’m madly excited about it 🙂 Does your sister live work in the Glasgow area? She must have balls of steel, secondary weans are terrifying!

    Limmy’s blog is a bear pit right enough – I’ve had a few wee spats wi folk on there. Someone once suggested that my poor mum is a prostitute (which, if you knew her, is actually hilarious). I thought you acquitted yourself very well. Rossco’s quite a strong and forceful character. Imagine if he’s some wee 14 year-old fanny in real life, LOL!

  26. Gregg Says:

    Can I just state for the record that not everyone from Erskine hung around the chippy! It was only the “bad boys”. And god if Americans think that’s bad they ain’t been stuck in some of the shit hole places in LA or wandered one street too far in San Fran.

    Nothing much has changed from those pictures though, except Forbuoys is supposed to be closing (closed?). The pictures don’t paint a pretty picture though, think I better get maself on rightmove and find maself a wee hoose in Kilmacolm…… 😉

  27. bingabinga Says:

    My wife is from the SF Bay Area in Tiburon its very nice.I know they pictures make it look worse than it was Gregg.
    I delivered Papers for fourboys they paid shite.

    Fiona my sister works in Rothesay High School so not as bad as Glasgow but I suppose it,s got its cheeky wee bams like all places.

  28. stevie Says:

    They’re closing doon the newsies?


    Black armband for a month.

    By the way Gregg can I commend you for, in these days of rampant semi-illiteracy (see that top cat fucker) your correct use of the apostrophe.

  29. Gregg Says:

    Tiburon – that’s pretty posh, if I remember correctly (seen it from a boat and I’m obsessed with maps). Canny imagine how you hooked up with a posh burd Peter 😉

    When I was in San Fran and I walked out my hotel, they were dealing crack out their mouths! No joke! Not to mention the rampant homeless problem that exists. By far the biggest issue though was when I went to book a trip to Alcatraz and it was booked out for a week. I could have easily overlooked the social problems if it were not for the fact my trip was not spoiled by not seeing Alcatraz 😀

  30. Gregg Says:

    Yes closing Steve, as unbelievable as that sounds!

    We do now have a Morrisons superstore, Aldi, a Subway and a Greggs up at Bridgewater. No longer are we stuck with Tempeltons, “the chippy”, and Alex Finnlays (corner shop).

    The bastards are however going to build a hundred new houses outside my back fence (outside Lamont’s back door). People are just not happy with trees anymore. Rant over….

    It’s a pleasure with the commas. I suffered at one time with fear of grammar but we can all get through it!

  31. Gregg Says:

    Shit, I meant apostrophe, not comma in that last comment. I was getting mixed up with me and Binga 😉

  32. bingabinga Says:

    Yes Gregg there is no class system here when I go to Tiburon to visit the inlaws I hang out with the Jetset.Carlos Santana and Andre Agassi are the neighbours we have a great time together.

    SF is a great place Alcatraz is worth a visit I have been a couple of times so has Mr Lamont.We lived in SanFransisco for 10mths.We were going to stay but decided to head back to Seattle.

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