Burns Night

I have always enjoyed Burn,s Night I have been to a few Burns Suppers when I lived back in Scotland and I always had a good time.I even really like Haggis which many Americans can,t understand.I was thinking though I wonder if Rabbie Burns will be our national Bard in say 200yrs.I think it may well be this man.


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9 Comments on “Burns Night”

  1. stevie Says:

    Don’t like Burns night.

    Reminds me of kilts and brass buttons and shiny shoes and all the other pish that’s about Scottish as Jimmy Hill

    I like Rabbie Burns but to me there’ll always only be one Burns and that’s the one who was nice to his wife and weans and twists and turns thank you.

  2. bingabinga Says:

    I went to the Burns Supper in Erskine Hospital twice Stevie it was good.
    I like telling people here about Burns night they are always surprised that we honour a poet from 250yrs ago and do so by eating sheeps organs,they think its very strange.

    When Rod the Mod is celebrated with his own day in the future we will probably celebrate with Irn Bru and chips n curry sauce.

  3. 0hgosh Says:

    Hmmmm… I dont really care about Burns … does that make me a dick?

  4. bingabinga Says:

    NO ohgosh,but do you care about Rod Stewart?

  5. bakerka23 Says:

    Peter, that picture is a pure boak-fest. The bold Rod in a pair of stripy Speedos with his haw maws poking out.

    And just look at his face, he’s like ‘I’m shagging this fine piece of Swedish ass and yous are no. Roon ye’s, hahahahah’. A little bit of my soul has just died.

    We’re having haggis tonight. Steve always cooks the haggis on Burns night and the kids love it (I don’t know if they realise it’s made of ground up lungs packed into a sheeps stomach mind you). David’s class are doing Scottish history around the time of Robert the Bruce, he’s been going around reciting ‘Scots Wha Hae’ all week, very stirring stuff, LOL!

  6. bingabinga Says:

    I quite like Rod the Mod really Fiona,Especially his early stuff with The Faces.
    I just saw this picture on google and I had to put it up.Britt Eckland looks quite scared and Rod is like a Seventies pirate,its mental.
    Britt was great in the Wicker Man.
    I am not doing much today you can,t get Haggis over here.I may make something Scottish though maybe Tablet or something.
    I remember in school I learned John Anderson My Jo John.
    Well have a nice time and enjoy your haggis.

  7. 0hgosh Says:

    Nah dont care re rod steward either….

  8. Lynn Says:

    Well it draws attention away from his nose, that’s for sure.

  9. bingabinga Says:

    It is a shocking photo I wonder if he looks back with pride at his old look.

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