I am off sick today I have a bad case of headnippinitis,You know how it is.

I don,t like talking about my job much so I will keep it brief but working in an inner city public hospital is not all Greys Anatomy in fact the hospital I work in Greys Anatomy is loosely based on it.

It,s insane at times from gunshot victims to car crashes to Junkies to illegal immigrants who don,t speak any English and by the way are usually the nicest of patients.It is a madhoose as you can imagine.So too get away from it all I go on wee road trips around Washington State with Sarah my wife who by the way is also a nurse.

So these are some pictures of a Roadtrip we had to Leavenworth WA.Its a strange wee town which after the logging boom finished had to reinvent itself,so the town council decided too turn it into a Bavarian style theme town its got beerhalls and Octoberfest and bratwurst places,it takes its German theme very seriously all a bit weird.I love smalltown America.Let our journey commence.

00112 A lovely shot of a river on the way to Leavenworth

Majestic scenery

Majestic scenery

Visit leavenworth its Wunderbar!

Visit leavenworth its Wunderbar!

Perhaps even a souvenir of you visit

Perhaps even a souvenir of your visit

Traditional folk art

Traditional redneck art

Oh thats nice

Oh thats nice

A watery moon over the Cascades

A watery moon over the Cascades

And Home

And Home,it was Halloween

No him again!

No him again!

That concludes our wee road trip together to Leavenworth I hope ye enjoyed it.

I should probably do something more constructive today.Hope you,re  all well.

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6 Comments on “Sick?”

  1. Louise Says:

    You get back to your work ya lazy bum….or I’m tellin mum!!! Haha, hope you had a relaxing day. My day at work was fine. I’m doing the Immortal memory speech at a Burns Supper tomorrow night at a wee hall in the countryside of Bute. It’s the Young farmers Association and they are a down to earth bunch so it’s always a good night. Isn’t it funny how life works out!! Isn’t it funny how I ended up living on a wee island in the clyde and you ended up in America. Happy Friday!
    Louise xx

  2. bingabinga Says:

    How you doing Louise,Yes I am dogging it.You could have told me I had spelled Britannia wrong in my last post I just noticed it earlier.
    The Burns Supper should be good watch yourself with the young Farmers or Young Tories as I think they are known in some quarters.Don,t get too drunk.The weather is similar though in Bute and Seattle.Talk to you soon x

  3. stevie Says:

    first couple of pictures are beautiful. Excuse my ingnorance but where was brokeback moutain filmed and it is anywhere near your gaff?

  4. bingabinga Says:

    Stevie the movie Brokeback Mountain was maybe filmed in Wyoming.
    The countryside around us here in Seattle is stunning.Washington State is pretty big and is very rural outside Seattle.It also has two large mountain ranges in it,The Olympics and The Cascades.

  5. 0hgosh Says:

    wow !! that looks gorgeous ! you are vrey lucky !!

  6. bingabinga Says:

    It is a nice place to live ohgosh.

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