The real Cool Britannia.

YouTube – Waterloo Sunset / Village Green Preservation Society – The Kinks – Live 1972.

A couple of great songs from a great band from way back when Britain was actually quite cool.Way before Thatcher,Rupert Murdoch, Big Brother,Pop Idol,unbridled consumerism, dumb TV presenters etc etc,which are all guilty of turning a once great nation into a land of mediocrity.

Sorry,a bit of an outburst there against my native land.

The Kinks Best of British to Ye.

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3 Comments on “The real Cool Britannia.”

  1. Joeshmoo Says:

    Cheers Peter,I will be back up in Seattle next week.
    What aboot the brass section in that 2nd song.
    God save little shops,china cups and virginity great line from the Ray Davies.

  2. bingabinga Says:

    Looking forward to seeing you Joe.
    I love that second song it makes me very happy.It reminds me of all the old things that are good about the UK not the Shite that is served up now.
    It was Thatcher with her right wing revolution in the 80,s that fucked old Britain up wasn,t it Joe,Rant Rant Rant.

  3. Joeshmoo Says:

    Yer right there comrade Peter.Maybe this is the end of unchecked capitalism,it is finally collapsing on its arse.Time for nationalization and 5 year plans comrade.Anyway talking about the economy are ye alright for a tap.

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