The Changing Face Of America


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20 Comments on “The Changing Face Of America”

  1. bingabinga Says:

    I have been watching the old Civil Rights marchers talk about their experiences in the South during segregation and the race riots . I am happy for them that tommorow all their struggles will have been worthwhile.
    He is a cool looking president.

  2. Louise Says:

    Hey Peter,

    Your wee sister here! Just read through your blog. Lookin forward to watchin Obama on TV tomorrow. Hope Sarah is keeping well. Love Louise xxx

    PS. Sorry for the mundane post but I’m in a hurry x

  3. bingabinga Says:

    Yes it will be good watching it everyone is excited over here today is Martin Luther King Day so it is apt that the inauguration be the day after.
    Hope your well wee sister.

  4. bakerka23 Says:

    I’ve still got the boys off sick from school with flu so we’re all going to watch it together. I’m a great believer in making kids aware of the wider world otherwise their brains are full of Nintendo and Johnny Test. I know Stu is only 4 but he’ll absorb some of it and David is really enquiring so he’ll be firing questions at me the whole time.

  5. bingabinga Says:

    I just watched it there it was a great spectacle,the Americans know how to put on a show.It would have been great to have been there but it looked freezing.

  6. bakerka23 Says:

    Well, me and the weans watched it for well over an hour. Stu was a bit perplexed by it but David got into the spirit of the thing. He was very excited to see Spielberg there (he’s a Spielberg fanboy, hahahahah).

    He had Wikipedia up and was looking up all the presidents to see what they looked like ‘before they got dead old’. He was particularly amused that Jimmy Carter was a peanut farmer. He said, ‘are farmers ALLOWED to get to be a president’. Only in America son, only in America….

  7. bingabinga Says:

    Do you notice all the half decent celebrities always come out for the democrats and all the crappy country singers and has beens come out for the Republicans.
    It was all on here all night with all the balls etc.

  8. stevie Says:

    Gave Obama a bell to let him know how he’s getting on. Well impressed with his first few decisions although apparently this Albrook character he appointed for Afghanistan is a loony. He is. I read it in a book.

    Hey peter if you’re at a loss on a saturday or sunday you should check out george galloway’s phone in online on talksport. A very informative laugh. (although normal people prefer to go out on weekends)

    edwyn collins was brilliant last night- all the old favourites.

  9. bingabinga Says:

    I think he is going to be alright Stevie.I don,t know much about this Albrook character,I haven,t really been watching the news the last few days but I hear Gitmo is closing.

    What time is the George Galloway talksport on?

    Did Edwyn Collins not have a stroke or something is he better now,glad you had a fine birthday.Was there any nice cakes involved and if there were please describe.

  10. stevie Says:

    empire biscuits mainly but you know what they’re like they always hit the spot.
    Oh and Brownies that nici makes; a mix od digestive and butter and raisins and golden syrup.

    Edwyn C had a brain haemmorage (or two) but he’s making strides.

    George G is on both nights 10 pm – 1am UK time.

  11. bingabinga Says:

    Sounds nice Stevie I was at a friends house last night for dinner and we has some nice strawberry shortcake it was very good.I may make some cake or something today.
    Yes I remember Edwyn Collins was very unwell that is great he is back performing.
    I will have to check out GG,I heard a clip of his show on youtube.

  12. stevie Says:

    strawberry shortcake?

    Description or pic please.

  13. bingabinga Says:

    Stevie it would probably be classed in the strawberry Gateaux range back in Scotland.Although it was purchased as Strawberry Shortcake here.It had a nice moist sponge with fresh cream and a real strawberry type filling.It was very nice and was good value at $12.99.

  14. stevie Says:

    Not really into gateauxs, they remind me of places where you have to eat with a fork and a plate and have ‘conversation’. Got to say the photo looks good though so one day I might just buy one and scoff it watching the telly.

    Well done.

  15. bingabinga Says:

    I made some tablet and millionaires shortbread yesterday,The tablet tastes good but it is a bit soft.I still have to put the chocolate on the shortbread.I may tempt you with some pics later.I am meant to be going out to the pictures today but Sarahs morning sickness is very bad .I had to find a chemist that was open yesterday to get her medicine.Hopefully she will be better soon.
    Anways,whit aboot ra fitba Stevie.

  16. stevie Says:

    It’s a pity that in these hi-tech days where they can clone a sheep and where victoria beckham can write a book, the old smellivision thing never took off.

    Would be good if you could post a pic of yr millionaire shortbread and I could scratch it, give it a buzz and get back to yae.

    whit aboot the fitba peter

    nae idea it’s still kind of boring me shitless to be honest but, i must say, no matter how far i may drift from the beautiful game there’s always a place in me that loves the hu…i mean that loves the gers getting a good old fashioned walloping. And that seems to be happening quite a bit these days.

  17. Gregg Says:

    Oh wait until I get Lamont on this board again to stop this hun bashing…

  18. bingabinga Says:

    Stevie,Gregg I am impartial at the moment as my nephew Patrick is away up to Murray Park next week for a trial he,s only 9 mind you but he was training with Celtic as well.
    The Millionaire.s shortbread is good Stevie.

  19. stevie Says:

    Murray Park? That well known academy of footballing excellence?

    Hope the wee guy does alright but apparently if you can get more than 4 keepy-uppies you’re out on yir arse.

  20. bingabinga Says:

    Naw Stevie if you get more than 4 your signed!

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