Israeli fascists?

I was reading about the definition of fascism and realise that present day Israel fits the bill in many ways.

Its very sad that a country that was born from the abuse of the Fascists are very similar in the way they are treating the poor palestinians. Wasn,t there a Warsaw Ghetto there is now the Gaza Ghetto all seems sadly similar.

Israel appears to me as bad if not worse than South Africa during apartheid so I am proud to say that this blog supports the Palestinian cause and will boycott all products Israeli.

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6 Comments on “Israeli fascists?”

  1. stevie Says:

    Nice one Binga, couldnae agree more.

    Israel the new South Africa? Even forgetting of course that Israel backed the nazis in SA from the first day of apartheid to the last…

    of course it is…

    Oppression of the majority population by colonial settlers? Check.

    Racist segregationist policies in both Israel and Palestine? Of course.

    Ghettoisation? Duh…

    Portrayal of the natives’ (yes,- natives’) resistance force as terrorists? Got that one as well.

    Stealing of natural resources while the native (hey that word again folks) starves? Check.

    Murderous regime backed to the hilt by, well, who of course but me and you? Check.

    Children in prison? Yip. (Palestinian 12 yr olds, and only Palestinians remember, can go to prison in Israel. Stone throwing? 20 yrs)

    Torture? I suppose that one’s kind of easy.

    Mass detention of political prisoners without trial? Yes please!

    Freedom to murder women and children and whoever the hell they like with no questions asked? Yip.

    But hang on…

    Ethnic cleansing of an almost entire population?
    1. 5 million (more than half, children) on the brink of starvation?
    Ripping up of the roadmap?
    Continued illegal occupation of the West Bank?
    Continued illegal dispossession of arabs from their homes?
    Denial of christians and muslims the right to their places of worship?
    Breaking of the truce?
    An illegal wall imprisoning millions?
    Denial of the international right to return of 4 million refugees?

    …and that’s just the start…

    You’re right, I think it is worse.

    Binga, do I win five pounds?

  2. bingabinga Says:

    Correct Stevie.My thoughts exactly.You know Stevie I first had an Israeli flag up with a swatstika in the middle with fascist state written on it but my wife thought it was a bit controversial.So I showed a picture of a palestinian kid dying in his fathers arms.In this world that is more tasteful and will cause less offence.
    That is how it is now anything anti Israeli is looked as being controversial especially here in America due to the large Jewish Lobby.
    The genocide of a whole people is going on while we all pussyfoot around Israel in case we offend.

  3. bakerka23 Says:

    It bothers me greatly that everyone is so sensitive about criticising the Israelis for fear of appearing anti-Semitic that they just turn a blind eye to their increasingly appalling behaviour.

    If any other nation was treating their neighbours in such a fashion they’d be unilaterally condemned.

    Time Israel stopped playing the Holocaust card.

  4. stevie Says:

    I was at a demo some some weeks ago and there was a guy with the star of david/swastika placard that you describe. There was a jewish woman on the demo and she was almost in tears telling the guy to take it down. He wouldn’t because of course it’s an effective symbol that can say more than words ever could. But do good jewish people have to be reminded of it?

    I actually think it’s justified although I wouldn’t use it myself.

    And I agree, Barkerka. There are millions of jews all over the world protesting against this genocide of desperate refugees so I suppose they’re anti-semetic as well!

    The more they use that charge the more they only end up trivialising what happended to them.

    Interestingly Binga, I saw a poll that placed the ”conflict’ bottom in a list of 12 things that the Americans want Obama to deal with once he’s in office. At first I was disappointed by this till I realised of course that no matter how hard the media try to build the myth of the ”special relationship” between the US and Israel, the good people of America, when it comes right down to it, patently couldn’t give a flying fuck.

    Would that be right?

  5. stevie Says:

    “Exaggerate. Whatever you write will not be as bad as the truth.”

    An Egyptian doctor to reporters yesterday.

  6. bingabinga Says:

    Totally agree Stevie and Fiona I am in work over the weekend so I can,t write much.

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