I just went to see the new Sean Penn film called Milk.It is about Harvey Milk who was a gay activist in Sanfransisco in the seventies he was also the first openly gay man to be voted in to public office in the USA.So he is looked upon as being a gay hero here in the states although as you can imagine he was quite a divisive figure.

Sean Penn and Harvey Milk

I enjoyed this movie I think it is released in the UK on the 23rd of January.The acting was good and it is an interesting timepiece which Chronicles the rise of the Gay civil rights movement from its grass roots beginnings.The movie may be more suited to American audiences as he was much more well known here,but it is an interesting story and worth going to see.There is talk of Sean Penn recieving an Oscar for his role.

Just a warning though there is openly gay kissing in this movie so if you are mature and secure in your own sexuality then your OK.If your a redneck homophobe you better steer clear as you don,t know who will be sitting beside you in the Cinema.

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9 Comments on “MILK”

  1. redwiteandblue Says:

    sean penn shood be strung up for this shit

  2. redwiteandblue Says:

    a’int no problem with me in the cinema cos I wo’nt be there!!

  3. bingabinga Says:

    Your cottonpicking crazy redwiteandblue,dont you guys secretly get up to some shenannigans in the haybarn.I saw brokebackmountain.

  4. 0hgosh Says:

    man milk !

    sozzz i had an urge to spout that !

  5. bingabinga Says:

    Oh Gosh,I say!

  6. twoforapound Says:

    Yeah, I saw this too. Free preview screening and thought it was really good.

    Frightening to think that this is the treatment gay people were getting back in the 1970’s.

    The release date so close to Obama’s inauguration made me think that maybe – just maybe – people are getting more of a fair chance these days.

    Let’s hope so.

  7. bingabinga Says:

    It,s ironic TFP that just as the movie came out they voted to repeal a law giving equal status to gay couples in California.Many who voted for it were supposed Christians many of them black Obama voters according to CNN.
    a bit sickening in this day and age.

  8. twoforapound Says:

    Aye, people (religious peeps) keep greetin on about how gay people shouldn’t be allowed to get married. And I agree.

    Cos a marriage itself is a religious ceremony, it’s the signing of the register that’s the legal part of it. And I speak for myself and many other gay couples when I say this –

    Gay people only want the same legal rights as heterosexual couples. I suppose there are some who would like their faith to accept and recognise their partnership and allow them to conduct a ceremony in their place of worship.

    If California decided that black couples could not have the same rights, there would be an outcry. And this is no different. In my old workplace, there were a lot of gay jokes going around. People say “Oh, it’s just a bit of fun…” but like I said, if it were racism, these people would be sacked.

    The world angers me sometimes.

  9. bingabinga Says:

    I agree TFP if you were to call someone a darky or a paki you would be cast out by most people as a racist arsehole and quite rightly so but the use of the word poof or homo is just a bit of a laugh.
    I feel sorry for the gay community and how they are treated and support them in their endeavors for equal rights.It is very unfair,but you know it says somewhere in the bible,as these deluded religous freaks say so often ,arseholes the lot of them.
    It was a good movie though,did you see it is nominated for best Picture.

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