UFOs 1 Jesus 0

BBC NEWS | UK | England | Lincolnshire | UFO claim over wind farm damage

Some more proof.

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42 Comments on “UFOs 1 Jesus 0”

  1. stevie Says:

    i think the guy you share your breaks with peter jumped off a UFO at the wrong stop.

  2. bakerka23 Says:

    LaToya Jackson was talking about UFO’s on Celeb BB the other night. She’s a believer. It’s mad to imagine in all the vastness of the universe that we’re IT. (mad and quite arrogant). It would depress the hell out of me to think that the human race is the zenith of universal intelligence. Naw!!!

  3. stevie Says:

    surely not FFS

    DEMO FOR GAZA. EDINBURGH MOUND 1230. (and all around the world except the western-imposed arab dictatorships where your march, I’m afraid, has been cancelled) Funny that, intit?.


  4. Gregg Says:

    I have a “believer” where I work and one day he was humming some sort of hymn and I said “are you humming a hymn” and he started laughing and said “Yes”. I said “that’s a slightly bizarre thing to be humming” and he continued to piss himself laughing and he then said “I know I don’t know where that came from, it’s a Christmas hymn and it’s not even Christmas”. At this point I just sat there in shock for a while, glad that I didn’t give away that I was slagging the fact he as singing a hymn, not that it wasn’t Christmas and he was singing a Christmas one. Not that I give a shit what people do, each to their own, I just thought it was a funny situation. Incidentally this guy is from the US, go figure.

    UFOs 2, Jesus 0 😉

  5. Scotland Lamont Says:

    I have lots of believers where I work, all of whom are incarcerated against their will under the mental health act until they either stop believing or provide some transparent rationale for believing

  6. bingabinga Says:

    Good to hear from you Scot.
    Aye these fundamentalists they are nuts,the sad thing is they are a large minority over here and can swing elections if they all go out and vote as you saw when Bush got in.Very dangerous people.They are just fascists dressing themselves up as Christians.
    Anyway I am believing in my UFOs and the men of science.They dont tell me to hate gay people and that they are sinners and that woman can,t have abortions as they will burn in hell.
    Anyway I was thinking this the other day when there is a scifi movie on like say Independence day it is always the men of science,the boffins that save mankind not the religous freaks.So put your faith in them.
    Gregg star humming Anarchy in the UK to your Jesus mate in work especially the line I am an Antichrist.
    Stevie sorry about the march being cancelled I might go downtown and check out the one here.
    Fiona how is Tommy Sheridan doing could you keep me informed I cant see it here I cannot believe he is on it,the media whore.
    La toyah Jackson if there is anyone who got off their UFO at the wrong stop its her.
    Oh and a good movie Religulous with Bill Maher a good piss take of religon worth watching.

  7. bakerka23 Says:

    BB, Tommy was doing OK for a while. Very guarded and not voicing any extreme views (clearly aware of the ongoing investigation into his alleged perjury at his libel trial) and basically being very fair and reasonable.

    However the other night they were having a party and Michelle Heaton dragged him up to dance. He seemed really uncomfortable about it and later on he was a bit pished (doing that unique pished-face that only West Central Scotland men of his age are capable of) and started saying ‘I hope people didn’t make anything of you and I dancing’. As if ANYONE would ever believe that she’d look the road he was on.

    Also he sung ‘The Fields of Athenry’ which the papers picked up on cos it’s allegedly sectarian and anti-English **rolls eyes*.

    He’s a pure pie.

  8. stevie Says:

    I think hymns are nice.

    And I believe in God.

  9. stevie Says:

    Don’t particularly care for athiest preachers though- as smug, self-righteous and fucking annoying as the ‘worst’ of believers.

    By the way Peter the march wisnae cancelled. there were 15,000 in Edniburgh and 100,000 in London. I was pointing out that demos went on world-wide except arab countries where they’d been banned.

  10. bingabinga Says:

    I don,t care what people believe in Stevie as long as they are not fundamentalists and are ready to listen and accept other peoples opinions,
    I was at church with the Inlaws at Christmas and I was belting out the hymns in fact they asked me join the choir I was that good.
    I just cant understand people who use books that were written thousands of years a go as their guide to life.The leaders of many churches are heretics and hypocrites anyway especially here in the states.
    There are a lot of deluded people in the world of religion and also alot of Charlatans and liars.Jesus would be turning in his grave so he would.

  11. bingabinga Says:

    Stevie why were the demo,s banned in the Arab countries? I thought that is were they would be mostly having them.

  12. bingabinga Says:

    Fiona I just don,t understand what is going on,when I was home Tommy Sheridan was a well liked spokesman of the left maybe a bit extreme for some but nonetheless RESPECTED.I knew he was dragged through the mud etc about swingers parties and things.Or is big brother a more respected TV show than I thought anyway can someone fill in the blanks for me I am a bit confused about this.Is Tommy Sheridan a laughing stock or is he still respected.

  13. stevie Says:

    By the way my ”athiest preaching” comment wasn’t directed at anyone on here, just so you know.

    At this moment TS is currently challenging the resident mysoginistic rapper on his offensive attitudes and language.
    Why is he in there? Maybe it’s his ego but just as likely because reality shows are the only areas in the mass media where voices of the left can actually express their views. Good luck to him, I say.

    Peter the demos were banned over most of the arab world because they’re western-imposed dictatorships.

  14. bingabinga Says:

    I have to see this Big Brother Stevie.Why was George Galloway on it to.I am losing it man my brain can,t cope with this.Britain is worse now for reality shows .You would never get guys like that on it here.Seriously I think Britain has a trashier media than the states.
    Stevie I don,t mind religous people and have been to church a few times last year.It is just Right Wing Fundamentalists I passionately dislike.Anyone who is adamant about any religous views is not going to get very far,I mean if anyone wanted to argue the point about angels taking us to heaven or something,I could argue the point that Santa Claus is real.
    I don,t know Stevie maybe Obama will sort things out but somehow I can,t see it.I am away for a lie doon I am in a downer now.I feel sorry for all those poor Palestinians.Israel is just the 51st state of America and they are bullying fuckers.

  15. bakerka23 Says:

    Tommy Sheridan’s reputation is definitely in tatters at the moment, I think largely due to this perjury thing (it’s like Jeffrey Archer all over again). In fairness he’s actually been quite low-key, nothing compared to the toe-curling antics of George Galloway.

    Britain is definitely becoming trashy in general. I mean the schedules are dominated by reality and talent shows. Here are just a few off the top of my head;

    Big Brother
    Celebrity Love Island
    I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here
    The X-Factor
    How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria
    Any Dream Will Do
    Hell’s Kitchen
    Hairspray; The School Musical
    Britain’s Got Talent
    Strictly Come Dancing
    Dancing On Ice
    Britain’s Best Choir (Not sure if that’s the right name but you get the gist)
    I’d Do Anything
    Britain’s Top Model

    Scary, isn’t it. There are more but I can’t remember the names. Peter Kay did a spoof one recently called ‘Britains Got The Pop-Factor and Possibly a New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly On Ice’. Never watched it though 🙂

    By the way, I agree with your views on religious fanatics. I’m not religious and believe that organised religion is responsible for much of the strife and upheaval in human history, however I also believe a person has the right to choose to believe whatever they want. People who try and impose their views on religion, by force if necessary, to me utterly negate the whole point of religion in the first place.

    The fundamentalists from all the major religions are all as bad as each other whether they be Muslim, Cristian or Jewish. I can’t understand how they can claim to represent ‘God’ and his son Jesus (whose teachings are a universal doctrine of peace, tolerance and love for ALL mankind) and yet use violence and hate to try and further their cause. Leaves me baffled.

    The only religion I would ever be vaguely interested in investigating further is Buddhism. You don’t get Buddhist fundamentalists getting all rowdy and beating folk up with their wee bells and setting fires with their incense cones. The only problem is that it requires belief in a higher power which the logical part of me just will not accept.

    I am clearly damned.

  16. bingabinga Says:

    There are crap shows like that on in the states to fiona but it seems they make headline news over in the UK no one really gives a fuck about them here.I think the difference here is there isn,t really a tabloid press.Yes you get stupid tabloids but they are not delivered to your door and you buy them in the Supermarket not many people do.
    I think the cult of celebrity is worse in Britain now.
    The bad thing we have here in their millions is religous fanatics and they are dangerous and depressing.I mean I know of some people who would argue against evolution and believe the earth is 5,000 years old.They would be deemed mentally ill in Europe.
    I accept other peoples believes but here religion and the bible are used as a weapon to discriminate against whoever their crazy church leaders feel like ie Gays athiests,the left wing.These people are fascists and are very dangerous.I do not mind people who go to normal churches but they are now the minority and if you are not a “born again’ here then you ain,t getting to heaven,assholes.
    Science and logic are my religion.

  17. bakerka23 Says:

    Peter, it’s like the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Apparently, after judgement day, 64,000 people will remain on earth and live in paradise with the lions and shit (the rest are chucked in the bin) Never mind the fact that there are MILLIONS of JW’s in the world. I mean how are they going to choose the 64,000? Draw lots, rock paper scissors, Twister?

    Fannies, the lot them.

  18. snake Says:

    Your’e all vegan commie-sucking, book-obsessed cowards.

    (but i agree about the jehovas witness comment)

  19. bingabinga Says:

    EasySnake,whats up with you redneck boy?

  20. snake Says:

    Im wotching my country die because of you liberals poluting the airwaves. It makes me laugh that the guy who does this is a nurse.

    You are a GIRL!

    betcha never even fired a shot

  21. stevie Says:

    Good to see you’re making some decent mates over there, Peter

  22. bingabinga Says:

    Thats right Snake,this nurse would have you anytime wee man you and your redneck mates.

  23. 0hgosh Says:

    I once went to this UFO convention in Falkirk, it was run by the guy from Bonnybridge ! it was put on tv.. hmmm I dont know if I thought it was true or not tbh… sorry I mean i dont know if i am a believer but I would like to think there is something else there..

    Im watching Madmen at the moment !! its a great series..

  24. bakerka23 Says:

    Ooh Peter, Looks like you’ve upset wee Snakey there. I would love to think he’s being funny and it’s a wind-up but I have a horrible feeling he’s just your typical American redneck (and by his spelling and grammar has clearly taken full advantage of the excellent schools over there)

    So have you fired a shot, Peter? Have you???? I mean surely, in your work as a nurse, you would be expected to shoot the odd patient (you know the ones I mean, fags, pinko’s, liberals, WOMEN)

    What do you mean, you haven’t? Call yourself a MAN!!! Get yourself down to Walmart and get a gun right now you PUSSSSYYYYY!!!!

    I bet Charlton Heston is spinning in his grave, you spineless commie, you.

  25. snake Says:

    he would be if he was ded.

  26. bakerka23 Says:

    ‘ded’ eh? is that a new state of existence other than ‘dead’ (which he most cetainly is) or ‘alive’ – the category which you vaguely fall into.

  27. bingabinga Says:

    Ohgosh Madmen is a brilliant show me and Sarah have watched the first two seasons It won another Golden Globe.I highly recommend it.
    I think I would just like there to be UFOs.There is a museum near where I live called the Museum of Strange sometimes I have went in there and had talks with the weird curators they are a harmless group of people and always want to know about the Loch Ness Monster.

    Fiona,I have fired a couple of guns here just because of curiosity I do not agree with them being freely available.I went to a gun range with a pal once it was his idea.I have seen people who have been shot and it is not nice.Seattle and the NorthWest of America is quite peaceful really.I feel more at risk of violence in Glasgow city Centre than Seattle
    Sometimes I am surprised there is not more gun violence here,could you imagine it if it was Britain any nutjob walking into Asda and buying a nice handgun with their Chicken Tikka Masala frozen meal.
    Most Americans are very law abiding they wouldn,t even drop a crisp poke.

    Snake,Its time you went back to school,get some education.Keep commenting though this blog is an example of democracy,there will be no censorship.

  28. Gregg Says:

    Oh Snake, trolling was easier before people used the identicon as an avitar. Makes it a lot more difficult to hide.

  29. redwiteandblue Says:

    Dear Homosexals

    Dam right wer’e free and always will be becaus of our gun’s don’t forget it.


  30. bakerka23 Says:

    Peter, I got an awfy fright there when I came on the blog. Love the new look though!!

    You’re a proper old troll magnet hee,hee. I’ve decided to ignore them cos their atrocious spelling and grammar offends my delicate sensibilities. I got a nutter the other day on my Paul McCartney thread going on about Paul the apostle (think he must have got a wee bit confused). Decided not to post his comment cos he was linking to some religious blog. Not my bag, maaaann.

    I agree about the guns, can you imagine if your garden-variety Weegie ned was able to carry one! ‘Gies yer jaiket’. ‘Naw’. Blam!!!
    (is ‘blam’ the right noise for a gun? – can’t write a word for the noise my boys make LOL). I have to say that you gave me a wee nauseous turn when you mentioned Asda Chicken Tikka Masala. I had a major craving for them in the first few weeks of being pg with Ava. With the boys, all I could manage was bland stuff cos I felt so ill but with her I had less nausea and just craved loads of strong tasting stuff. I ate them for BREAKFAST some days. My freezer was packed with the things. I used to make one the minute I got home from work BEFORE I had my dinner. Then one day it just switched off and now the thought of eating one makes me want to cray/faint/projectile vomit LOLZ!! Is Sarah doing ok?

    What’s the mood over there now that Obama’s inauguration is imminent? Over here he’s REALLY popular, I think folk imagine him to be less war-mongering and potentially less likely to nuke the planet then Dubya (although he still has a few days to go – we’re not out of the woods yet **trembles with dread**) And he’s very, very good-looking (for a politician). Are they giving it that whole ‘Kennedy’ vibe?

  31. bingabinga Says:

    Sorry I mentioned the tikka masala Fiona,by the way my grammatical skills are pretty poor at times so I will apoligise just now for any mistakes past,present or future.I have to concentrate on my typing as I am the 2 finger typing guy.
    Obama is well liked or even loved over here and there is a lot of hope and optimism about the place.There is a lot of comparing him to the Kennedys.I said to Sarah that he looks like a guy from the sixties with his cool black suits.We donated money and Sarah did some phone polling for the democrats.People realise though that there is a lot of work to be done and it won,t happen overnight.
    He is one of the only Senators who stuck his neck out and voted against the Iraq war.When you were looked upon as being traitorous if you questioned anything Bush done.Dark days indeed.So I think he is great and he has 110% support from this house.

  32. bakerka23 Says:

    I think it would be quite exciting to be in the US just now, you can sense the optimism from over here. He DOES look very sharp and 60’s-like, he reminds you of one of the Rat-Pack. And let’s face it, he’s a damn sight easier on the eye than oor Gordon with his face that’s 10 sizes too big and jowells like a bulldog anaw.

    Don’t worry about the grammar and spelling, it’s quite clear you’re not a numpty (although I am sadly very anal when it comes to the subject. I’m starting a BA in English Lit in September through the OU and I can’t WAIT. There’s a whole block devoted to grammar. Yaaasssss!)

    Back to Obama, though, how safe do you think he is? I mean over here there’s massive speculation that he’ll be assassinated 😦 Limmy did a post about it during the election campaign. There just seems to be a faction over there that concerns me. You know the folk I mean (our friends Snake and redwiteandblue for example), they pop up on Jerry Springer regularly.

    I do fear for him I’m afraid.

  33. stevie Says:

    I don’t think Obama will be assassinated.

    Although I do think Gordon Brown looks like a scrotum with a face drawn on in felt tip.

    (copyright F Boyle)

  34. bakerka23 Says:

    Snake, do you not mean ‘git wat’s comin’

    Your redneck was slipping a bit there.

  35. bingabinga Says:

    Sorry Snake I had to edit that comment I don,t want the Feds closing down my blog and investigating me.People are a we bit sensitive to that stuff especially just before the inauguration.Keep it to the trailerpark.

  36. stevie Says:

    funny i was thinking that myself.

    The fun you can have though with a redneck and his stray apostrophe

  37. stevie Says:

    had a wee word there with snake.

    he’s very grateful for your dastardly plan in sneakily pressing ‘delete’ before the FEDs get to read it.

    But he knows it’s too late.

  38. Gregg Says:

    Aye, I huv noticed the censors at work around these ere parts as well 😉

  39. stevie Says:

    heh heh snake had the binga guy in his back pocket. Everyone has a price.

  40. bingabinga Says:

    Sorry Gregg I had to censor it for the sake of the blog.

    There are People worried here about that to but I personally don,t think it will happend but I suppose people thought that about Kennedy.
    Obama has superpower anyway did you not hear it was him that stopped that plane from crashing the guy,s a god.

  41. Gregg Says:

    Don’t worry Binga, I understand 🙂 I’ve been there. It’s like Fight Club: “the first rule of fight club is don’t talk about fight club”. Mum’s the word 😉

  42. bakerka23 Says:

    See, that’s why I turned moderation on, Peter. It’s stopped many a Christian fundamentalist from getting a toehold.

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