Jesus Vs UFOs

So I believe in UFOs.I always have.I don,t think it is just us in the universe.I don,t think it,s a big deal,I love things about the unexplained. I know its a bit nerdy but its harmless and I don,t hate or try and convert those who don,t believe in UFOs.

So anyway I was on break today and there was a programme on the discovery Channel about UFOs.  It was me and lets call him Todd on break together. I was watching this UFO thing and Todd pipes up “thats shit man”,”UFOs that,s a lot of shit”.Now I don,t like Todd as the last I knew he was a born again Christian and was swapping christian rock CDs with some other Christian rock chick in work.

So I said “why is it shit Todd” and he said something about “God made man in his image” .I replied, “I believe that there was more chance of UFOs existing than Jesus’.I thought it was a fair enough statement but he went all sullen on me and wouldn,t talk for the rest of the break.

So I would like too put it to you Joe Public,what do you think please take a moment to take part in this important Poll.

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One Comment on “Jesus Vs UFOs”

  1. bingabinga Says:

    Its looking good for the UFOs.

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