Its Film Time

My wife Sarah dragged me out to the pictures today.I enjoy the medium of film but recently I bought a big TV and have been watching more DVDs at home.I sometimes find that the manners of my fellow patrons at the cinema can be off putting and rude,talking,rustling sweet papers etc you know what I mean selfish Bastards they,re everywhere.I feel a rant coming on so lets review the first movie.


This movie I found out is not released in the UK until Feb 6th it is actually a play which they have just adapted to film.It stars Phillip Seymour Hoffman,Meryl Streep and Amy Adams

it is a good drama and the cast give very strong performance’s.The movie is basically about a priest being accused of molesting a pupil at the local Catholic school and if he did it or did not do it.

You do feel that you are watching a stage play at times and it definitely leaves you with some doubts.So yes worth going to see.

The second movie I would like to talk about is the latest offering from The Lords Disciple himself Tom Cruise.That movie is called Valkyrie and it is released in the UK on the 23rd of January.


I was really excited to see this movie and eagerly anticipated its release .The same things happens as always when you are over excited about a film    you are usually let down and this is what happened here.Good cast except for Tom but what should have been a great suspenseful adventure was  very bland.You should just watch a good documentary about the poor heroes who tried to kill Hitler as the story is exciting enough.It is not a bad movie but could have been so much better.I would wait for the DVD.

Ok I am going to recommend these DVD,s I have watched recently and amazingly Colin Farrel is in  two of them

Cassandras dream   a movie I liked as someone told me it was bad so I wasnt expecting much out of it but was pleasantly surprised.       

Cassandra's Dream

In Bruges I really liked this I was going to go to the cinema to see this but again someone said it was bad.                     

In Bruges

Last but not least The Visitor a great movie about the unfairness of Americas Immigration policy and how the victims of it have human faces and lifes and loved ones.

The Visitor

That ends this episode of Film I hope ye liked it I am Barry Norman McCartney saying goodnight.

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10 Comments on “Its Film Time”

  1. wullie Says:

    yi know whit a seen recently. An auld yin, Dances wae wolves. Wis oan bbc2 and goat sucked intae it! Thoat tae masel, top movie! Yi know whits alsa good but am only haulf way through it. Volver wae penelope cruise but enjoying it. Looking forward tae the watchman movie this summer and also Benjamin button looks quite interesting…..maybe a bit foresty gump am thinking…….also bingabinga…..have you ever went tae the cinema and walked out on a movie. I walked out oan universal soldier wae dolf lundgren… may question whit the fuck a wis dane there in the first place….i know ….i know…but whit a pile of shite…..never walked out on a film before but ma arse didnae touch the seat for mere than 15 mins!

  2. Gregg Says:

    Cinema in the US was far worse than back here in the UK. When I was in the US I went to see Seabiscuit and the folk behind me were just talking away. It’s the only time I have ever turned round and told someone to shut the fuck up, literally. Done the trick though they never uttered another word, Scottish accent comes in handy at times. I get far too worked up for my own good at other people in the cinema I have to admit.

    Incidentally I seen The Curious Case of Benjamin Button the other day and it was awesome. Totally recommended it.

    My brother was telling me about In Bruges last week, might have to check it out this weekend.

  3. wullie Says:

    aye Gregg the auld accent does come in handy….helped me out many a time! Quite funny really..people give you a second look..maybe they dont know what were saying but they know were angry!

    Worst case of cinema behaviour was in melbourne aussie…..some of the people over there dont wear shoes and this durty fucker put his big stinkers either side of my heid. He was told tae fuck off tae but little does he know he nearly got his feet burnt wae ma lighter!!!

  4. stevie Says:

    I walk out on films quite a lot, let’s face it, it’s the best way to look cool and interesting in front of a room full of strangers. Obviously it’s a pain in the arse when the film’s good but worth it overall I say.

    My ninth favourite novel of all time is ‘A Confederation of Dunces’ by JK O’Toole, and it’s about a crazy wee bastard called Ignatius who goes to see the corniest and dullest films just to sit and shout abuse at them. If it’s particularly bad, he’ll go back two or three times.

    Agree with you on ‘The Visitor’, Peter.
    My mate’s trying to get me to go see the new Danny Boyle film about some Indian guy who wins the lottery but I cannae say it sounds too appealing.
    Took your advice and saw ‘In Bruges’. A good laugh.

    You know my flatmate knows a lot about cinema and he says that Tom Cruise actually exists. I mean, he’s a real person.

  5. bingabinga Says:

    I am in work so sorry for the brief comment,Gregg Wullie it really stresses me out the cinema here people can be very rude.I chinned a couple of wee guys after the cinema and they shat it sarah pulled me away as they were shouting about getting the cops to me.
    Stevie I will have to read that book and I saw the Dark night on DVD recently and if I was in the cinema I would have walked out it was bad.

  6. bingabinga Says:

    Good to see Colin Farrel win a Golden Globe for In Bruges.

  7. wullie Says:

    Dear bingabinga,

    I watched In Bruges on the back of your recommendation. Good film….enjoyed it! Ta fur that!

    Ive just started watching Arrested Development series 1. Have you seen that??

  8. bingabinga Says:

    Aye wullie In Bruge was good I saw Colin Farrel get his golden globe for it, at first I thought he was out his nut,but I think he was nervous.

  9. wullie Says:

    Dear bingabinga, a seen Mr Farrel on the Jonathon Ross show over here and apparently hes completely dry now, so aye prob nerves. Brendan Gleeson a thought was very good in that too.

    Seen Slumdog Millionaire today bingabinga. Enjoyable,….well worth a watch.

  10. bingabinga Says:

    Wullie that,s on my list I want to see the new one with Daniel Craig to it s about resistance fighters during WWII.

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