The Life and Crimes of Arthur Thompson

I just read this book it was alright it won,t win any prizes but it got me thinking,does crime pay.It is a high risk job and it doesn,t always  have a good return.Reading this book it appears it is also a 24hrs a day job 365 days a year,with the added stress of being bumped off or prison.

I think Arthur Thompson would have been happier as an accountant or a bus driver and so would his victims.So in my opinion crime does not pay.My advice to any young people who are thinking of taking up a life of crime is don,t,the holidays and pay are crap.Just stick in at school and become a computer programmer or something.

What do you think?

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6 Comments on “Crime?”

  1. Gregg Says:

    I’ve been obsessed with watching the Sopranos recently – my brother has the box set and I have over Christmas sat and watched nearly every episode. You look at it and think I wish I had some balls to deal with stuff that pisses you off in a more affirmative way, but when you actually look at it there ain’t too many folk that take up crime who are living a great life. They are either too paranoid to spend there money or in fear of getting shot. There is literally no point to it. That said I’m not sure a computer programmer is the way forward either! Maybe I’m being harsh because it’s what I do. Actually on thinking about it, it’s probably not a bad choice as how boring must jobs like an accountant and a lawyer be. I don’t imagine it gets more boring than that.

  2. bingabinga Says:

    Gregg I think most jobs become tedious after a while.If I could do what I wanted all day and have enough money to do it that would be great.
    I think a lot of criminals try to have that life but it ends up more stressful than say a Doctors job.These gangster types come across as smart guys they should have put there energies into something more rewarding like horticulture or zoology.
    The sopranos that is the holy grail of nonstop DVD watching I have watched 6ft under,The brotherhood,Weeds,The Wire etc etc but I am saving the sopranos for now.I just watched a HBO show called Generation Kill check it out it was good.

  3. wullie Says:

    Dear bingabinga, i dont think that crime has to stay in the family as the young arthur opted for. I think you only need to look at his young nephew Daley to see a career outside the criminal family element can still be sought and captured!!

  4. bingabinga Says:

    Wullie I think that a lot of gangsters family members don,t get involved in the family business as it is bloody hardwork.

  5. Gregg Says:

    I found 24 to be the ultimate DVD marathon. I basically watched 6 seasons in a row. Thought I was Jack Bauer by the end of it. What a program.

  6. Bingabinga Says:

    Gregg for me it was 6ft under.Me and Sarah were like 6ft under junkies when we ran out of the ones netflix sents us,we would trawl the local video stores looking for the next part.I do believe I wept at the last part through sheer TV exhaustion something I still get slagged about.

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