I just got a haircut it cost $14.00 I gave the guy $20.00,
how generous I hear you say but thats just the type of guy I am.
How much do you tip? or do you not bother.

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30 Comments on “Haircut”

  1. stevie Says:

    depends on the quality of the cut my friend.


    It cost six quid, which I thought was a bit steep. But I gave him seven and wished him a nice day…

  2. bakerka23 Says:

    I hate getting my haircut – I once went a whole year between visits to the hairdresser. I never know how much to tip, the whole business is just excruciating.

  3. bingabinga Says:

    Stevie good to hear from you I just thought I would get into this blog thing to see what all the fuss was about.
    Yes I have been watching CNN a little over here it looks very bad.I have decided that I am going to read a good quality book on the subject to have a better understanding of it.
    I am sometimes very quick to blame Israel but I don,t really have the facts to back it up so any recommendations on a book.
    Haircut wise this guy took about 5 minutes although he gave me a wee calender on it saying remember 9/11.I was a bit worried if he saw my Vote Obama sticker on the car he might have gave me a number 1 all over

    Bakerka23 I feel sorry for women and their haircuts it costs them a lot of money and it takes ages.Thats a lot of pressure.Being a feminist myself I say fuck the beauty industry.

  4. stevie Says:

    believe it or not, the haircut story isn’t actually true. My barber days finished when I got myself a set of clippers.

    no more spendiing tenners every month, no more quandries about what to do with the back of my head, no more listening to and talking pish.

    peter I’ve given up on the fecking BBC so I can only hazard a guess at what CNN are churning out.

    instead I go here

    and here…

    hey as far as reading goes, jimmy carter’s ‘peace or apartheid’ is a brilliant resource, and there’s the added bonus of it being written by an ex-president as well so there’ll be a couple of less people following you home out the shop.

  5. bingabinga Says:

    Stevie it is funny you should say that as it was a DVD called Jimmy Carter man from Plains that I saw on Xmas at Sarahs Parents that made me want to read more about the Israeli Palestinian conflict.
    It was about Old Jimmy going around the World promoting that said book.
    He got alot of shite for it from certain quarters.Sarah recommended a book I can,t remember the name of it.I will find out and tell you.
    Haircut wise I am thinking of shaving the nut but I think I will look like a Bawheid.

  6. stevie Says:

    Aye, he got banned from universities up and down the country as I remember for having the temerity to question what the American people are told. Democracy in action, obviously.

    I like Robert Fisk as well, Peter, particularly to get a wider view, although I wouldn’t trust either of them to cut my hair.

  7. I get my nails did and pay usually about 5-7 pound extra !

    my mate thinks im mad coz im paying for a service and im not getting any extras so why tip !

    like the china buffet do u tip them? i mean its self service !!

    but i do .. 😦

  8. bingabinga Says:

    I am expected to tip here in the US especially in resturants.Sometimes in buffet places and takeout places there is a little jar for tips.I give them something usually as they don,t get good tips and their wages are piss.
    Resturants though are greedy and even if the service is shit they still expect 15%.Bah!

  9. bingabinga Says:

    You are very Generous STS are you rich?

  10. wullie Says:

    Dear bingabinga and stevie, as yous pointed out earlier that the apocalypse maybe on the way i dont think you should be reading jimmy carter…..maybe there will be some clues in the literature of jimmy connors!

  11. No, i am not rich…

    far from it, but if someone does a good job, they should be rewarded !! spesh if they self emp!!

    Where in the US are you binga ??

    I dont like Service charges ! applying it to the bill !! why do they assume they have done good enough to ask!!

    i prob would tip it anyway !! but still

  12. bingabinga Says:

    Dear STS I am in Seattle actually it is teryaki J from Mr Bamfords blog I thought I would try my own blog.I can,t get on his now I don,t know why.

    I don,t mind tipping in the US as service workers are badly paid and if they do a good job and are likable types then why not.There is a bit of stress here in the US about tipping especially when you are a Johnny Foreigner I used to have to ask dining partners,”how much should I tip”when friends and family are over they ask me the same question.

  13. stevie Says:

    i’m fucking loaded

  14. 0hgosh Says:

    Hey TJ… Well Mr B has taken his blog down… I keep telling him to put it back up but nope he wont…

    What I find strange though is when I check my blog stats out, it has views from his page to mine>? like someone has clicked the link on his page to get to mine .. how is that poss if he dont have his blog up???

    Im liking ur blog TJ !!!

    stevie you are not fucking loaded !!! coz if you were , u would have ur own banana factory !!

    and you dont !

  15. bingabinga Says:

    Good to hear from you again Ohgosh.Yes Mr Bamfords blog is missed.I don,t know about the links fom his to your page anyway I am enjoying doing my own wee blog.

  16. wullie Says:

    Stevie…..dae you no have yer ane banana factory??????

  17. stevie Says:

    i don’t know where these embarrassing rumours are coming from. Of course I’ve got my own banana factory, self-made as well, worked my way up from leaving school and buying into a wee pishy pomegranate shop.

    By the way do you all know each other? Or is this how people meet these days, just jumping onto other people’s blogs and having a natter? Some of you keep changing names as well, which isn’t helping much. Not that I’m against any of this, I’m up all for all modern living, I even recycled something yesterday.

    But I’d like to know

  18. stevie Says:

    Sorry, that was of course meant to read….

    ‘I even ”thought” about recycling something yesterday

  19. bingabinga Says:

    I know Ohgosh/STS from previous blogs stevie The rest is anybodys guess just go mental man.

  20. stevie Says:

    Prevous blogs? What you mean there’s more than one?

    Bloody hell. And here’s me thinking I was down with the kids with my new soda stream.

  21. bingabinga Says:

    This is my first blog Stevie but they are all connected in the underground world of blog.

  22. I know Mr B personally… Stevie um do u not msg on his blog? BB I know you as TJ from his blog….

    Self made banana factory !!! love it! ahahhahahaha

    I love blogs !! this is my 4th or 5th !

    i dont recylcle coz glasgow city council dont give us poor folk bins !

  23. Gregg Says:

    Just for the record I know Peter from his old Erskine days and I’m guessing Stevie is an old Erskine punter as well? I remember the days of hearing both blasting music out at 3am on a school night from a dear friends room, and Peter telling me that Freddy (from Nightmare on Elm Street) was true (you bastard) and lived in Erskine – this has obviously scarred me 😉

  24. bingabinga Says:

    I must have been oot ma heid Gregg I probably thought I was Freddy back then.You were probably quite young then I hope we didn,t bully you too much I don,t want you seeking me out for revenge.

  25. Gregg Says:

    Don’t worry Peter, I think it’s pretty funny, it’s amazing what you will believe when you’re 11 😀

    You have also given me words of wisdom as well so I should point that out. In fact you probably didn’t realise you ever done it but you one said to me (night shift in the Erskine Hospital): folk like you and me are never gonna be doing jobs that make enough money to change your life completely, people who make 100k don’t live all that differently, in terms of what really matters in life, to those that make 20k, so always try to do something you like (I’m paraphrasing slightly but that was the essence). I tell you, that was quite a defining moment, I kid you not, and experience has told me that it’s pretty god damn accurate. Oh and a belated thanks for that 🙂

  26. bingabinga Says:

    Cheers Gregg I am glad there was some wisdom amongst all the shite I usually talk.Are you still between Erskine and Lochgoilhead these days.
    If you are ever over here pop in and see us we have a lot of room if you want to stay for a while.

  27. Gregg Says:

    Yeah, in between Erskine and Lochgoilhead (at Lochgoilhead at the moment). Hoping to have a few weeks in the States next year presuming the savings go well 🙂

  28. 0hgosh Says:

    Awww gregg ! that was a nice wee Story!!…

    touching 😉

  29. Gregg Says:

    Nae problem, shedding a tear here maself 😉

  30. 0hgosh Says:

    lolzaa !!!

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